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NALCS: The Final Countdown

This weekend the NALCS reaches the last week of the regular season for the 2018 Summer Split. Currently, the standings for first through fourth place are neck and neck, while the race for the last two playoffs spots will 100% be decided by the performance this weekend. Here’s a team by team breakdown of the standings and how they can reach playoffs.


Team Liquid


TL sits atop the North American competition and are the most likely to get to Worlds this year. Their 1st place finish last split plus a potential 1st place in the regular season has them on top of the world. Their final matches against Echo Fox and TSM may prove to be a challenge, but nothing Doublelift and the squad can’t handle. You can expect Steve and the boys to get the bye going into playoffs.


100 Thieves


100T has been showing struggles in the past couple of weeks losing games they should not be losing. From their documentary series “The Heist”, coach Prolly has showed that they are trying to learn how to play away from the top centric style that has shown success. This weekend against C9 and OPT, they may not have the option to experiment as they could potentially throw their potential 1st place spot or 2nd place spot to the teams just below them


Echo Fox, FlyQuest, and Cloud 9


Unlikely competitor FlyQuest and the newly improved Echo Fox have a strong position to make playoffs this weekend. Echo Fox’s addition of Lost and Smoothie to the main line up has added an aggressive force more well rounded. Echo Fox faces the bottom and top of the standings this weekend and have the highest potential to knock TL out of the top. FlyQuest has quietly climbed the rankings with their skilled base racing and consistent performance vs. those under them. Cloud 9 has had a resurgence from last place to tied for third. The boys in blue must win this weekend to prevent themselves from falling out of playoff contention against 100T and FLY.


TSM and OpTic


TSM and OPT have night and day stories this split. Optic achieved a 5 game winning streak which was monumental for their players as everyone counted them out from the beginning. PowerOfEvil has been putting on his backpack this split and helped carry the team out of the depths of last place in order to stop TSM from making playoffs for the first time, they must win against them or 100T or win a tiebreaker if both teams go 1-1. TSM has much to prove as their super team of European imports has fallen flat on its face. They must win against OPT or TL or their season has a high likeliness of ending.


Will TSM miss their first playoffs ever to their kryptonite? Can TL stay atop the competition? Tune in this weekend starting Saturday 2PM PDT to catch the conclusion of the regular season of the NALCS 2018.