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Nathan FIllion Teases About Uncharted

Nathan Fillion, the actor who plays the lead role in the hit T.V series  Castle has hinted something for all the gamers who are waiting for the new Uncharted.

 On July 11th, Nathan Fillion posted a picture on his Instagram of the rapper Drake with a caption that said ‘Sic Parvis Magna’ which translates to ‘greatness from small beginnings’.

For everyone who does not understand the connection, you probably don’t know about the Naughty Dog franchise. Nathan Fillion not only sounds like the lead character but also looks like the treasure hunter lead in the game. What’s more? They both are already named Nathan.

Coming back to the Instagram post, why did he post what he did? The Latin caption is actually the famed motto of the character in the game. It was posted with the rappers picture as a wink to the gaming community at another famous person also named Drake. Is everything making sense just yet?

The obvious relation that is stirring up the entire buzz is that Nathan Fillion has been set to play the character of the explorer in the movie. Another possibility could be that Nathan is probably set to play a voice role in the game. The latter seems more appropriate according to the actor’s humorous post on Instagram.

The picture of Drake that was selected by Nathan Drake was the famous picture of the rapper which seems to say, “Who? Me?” There couldn’t be anything else the post could be pointing to and fans of the game picked it up instantaneously.

Even though people are of the opinion that Netflix is looking for cross platform promotional content, they also think that the movie would seem like an Indiana Jones rip-off.

Only time or a bigger tease from the actor himself will confirm what he really meant when he took to his Instagram account with Drake’s picture. One thing is for certain however, that Nathan Fillion was talking about Nathan Drake, the lead character of Unchartered. Even if he ends up just voicing over the character in the game, it’s really hard to imagine as to why.

If you still don’t understand what the entire buzz is about though, you really need to Google Nathan Drake and subsequently Nathan Fillion. The resemblance will be uncanny. Once you’ve understood the gist, you can go ahead and play the game to reach the hype all the gamers got worked into because of the Instagram post.

Nathan Fillion really is as cheeky as he appears to be on the big screen!