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New Chat Support

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          We’ve listened to our players and understand there is a need for both us and you to be able to communicate more effectively, so we have personally built a social chatting system designed for competitive play. We are rolling this out today and will continue to operate as usual for a little while but will also begin using this new feature to communicate with you more effectively. We appreciate all of your patience as we’ve worked on this for some time to be able to talk to you fast and effectively finally.


    Warning: If you abuse the chat by harassing admins or other players you will be globally muted and unable to participate in the conversation, you will still be able to see the staff and other players in the chat. This is meant to help everyone, and if you use it to abuse players or admins, you won’t get to reap the benefits of it. Offenses in chat can also result in sitewide bans.


On the right-hand side of the website everywhere you will see you can:

 - Request personal live support assistance

 - Chat rooms for every match

 - Access your friend list, and request friends (Coming Soon)


    When you have a match, if there is an urgent issue and it’s a tournament or live supported challenge, you will be able to request an admin to join your match chat via the ability to dispute within the chat once the start time has been reached for the match. When the text turns green, you will be able to utilize the feature. Please remember that disputing without reason is a bannable offense.



If your opponents are not showing up to the match on time you will be able to 


- initiate a no show just between the players in the match 10 minutes after the match start time, all of the players will get an alert letting them know they then have 5 minutes to get going. 


You must reply in the chat, or you will be forfeited for a no show without a reply in the correct amount of time.



-After that 5 minutes, if you are still unable to play, you will be able to request a live support administrator to join your match and officiate the no show procedure.



After you request and admin, our staff member will join the chat and resolve the situation for you.



For our users who may more fluently speak other languages, we have included a translator so that they may communicate with other players and staff more effectively.


    With Android and iOS apps coming soon, our players and staff will be able to communicate in real-time and rest assured that they get every message necessary to play their match. Once available, you will receive a notification on your phone for no shows and disputes. Players will be able to speak to other players across the website and eventually create group chats where they can discuss their matches and more easily find people to play with. 


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you happen to encounter any issues using the chat or have any suggestions, as always we are here to listen and help, we will be working hard to make this an extremely effective tool for our entire community, and we thank you for your loyal support.



  • The CMG Team