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New Weapons Revealed for CoD: WWII
Fans of Call of Duty: WWII may have gained a sneak peek of planned patch contents ahead of an official unveil. Clever sleuthing throughout the game’s file system by reddit user /u/LackingAGoodName appears to have revealed the contents of upcoming content updates for the series’ explosively popular return to form. Noting the presence of 13+ new entries regarding everything from weapon info, DLC3’s new war map, soldier outfit and face camo customization data, /u/LackingAGoodName’s findings imply that the game’s newest patch has laid the groundwork for a breadth of new content. While these content additions have yet to be officially confirmed, many have noted that the changes appear to have been made in preparation for CoD: WWII’s upcoming DLC 3, as none of the new file listings have been present in the game’s source code prior to its most recent update. Players can reasonably expect the bulk of these new content findings to be released in the coming weeks leading up to the future DLC unveil, though it is unclear whether any of the leaked assets may be changed or removed before being finalized— fingers crossed that the Mosin Nagant and De Lisle Carbine are here to stay. Check out the detailed firsthand breakdown of /u/LackingAGoodName’s findings below: 13 New Weapons, Commando Division, DLC3 War Map, and more coming to WWII: New Weapons All of the following Weapon entries were added with the latest patch, none of which were present in the game’s source until this point. 3 Rifles, 5 SMGs, 2 LMGs, 2 Snipers (Hi Jev), and 1 Melee. Information present in maps/mp/inline/weaponguids.gsh.
  • KGM21_MP
  • ZK383_MP
  • EMP44_MP
  • PTRS41_MP
Commando Division Despite my previous post detailing the Grenadier Division – majority of which was spread across the recent Divisions Overhaul; the presence of the aforementioned Commando Division has becoming increasingly apparent after the latest Patch, however the Division still seems to be a work in progress, all information is subject to change. On a personal note, this seems extremely powerful, it may be that each Skill will be split into separate Basic Training’s? Information present in maps/mp/inline/divisions.gsh.
  • Specialist Basic Training’s
    • 3 Tiers of Basic Training’s awarded after the required amount of Kills. Unknown if player-chosen or preset Basic Training’s.
    • Basic Training 1: 5 Kills
    • Basic Training 2: 10 Kills
    • Basic Training 3: 15 Kills
  • Increased Explosive Damage Resistance per Crouch/Prone Kill:
    • +2% Explosive Damage Resistance per Kill
    • 3 Tiers of Explosive Damage Resistance: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Increasing a Tier is +10% Explosive Damage Resistance.
    • Bronze: 1 Kill (12% Reduction)
    • Silver: 8 Kills (26% Reduction)
    • Gold: 15 Kills (40% Reduction)
    • Max Explosive Damage Resistance is 99% (35 Kills).
  • Increased Sprint Speed per Hipfire Kill:
    • +0.2% Sprint Speed per Hipfire Kill
    • 3 Tiers of Sprint Speed Increase: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Increasing a Tier is +2% Sprint Speed.
    • Bronze: 1 Kill (+2.2% Sprint Speed)
    • Silver: 10 Kills (+4% Sprint Speed)
    • Gold: 25 Kills (+7% Sprint Speed)
    • Max Sprint Speed increase is 25% (119 Kills).
  • Decreased Recoil per Headshot Kill:
    • -1% Recoil per Headshot Kill
    • 3 Tiers of Recoil Reduction: Bronze, Silver, Gold. Increasing a Tier is -5% Recoil.
    • Bronze: 1 Kill (-6% Recoil)
    • Silver: 10 Kills (-15% Recoil)
    • Gold: 20 Kills (-35% Recoil)
    • Max Recoil Reduction is 90% (75 Kills).
DLC3 War Map The DLC3 War Map will take place in Tunisia, North Africa. All information is subject to change. Information present in maps/mp/raidobjectives/mp_raid_dlc3_objectives.csv. Objectives (Placeholder)
  • Capture a Flag
  • Hold a Hardpoint
  • Destroy an objective
Face Camos Information present in mp/ddl/costumes.ddl. Added to the data structure containing Heads and Helmets for your Soldier is Face Camos. There is currently no other information regarding these. Chrome Tiger Camo Information present in mp/unlocktable.csv. Despite being present in the game since the Beta Build, the Chrome Tiger Camo is now seemingly obtainable after the latest Patch which also added the Gold Cheetah and Leopard Camos. Logically we can assume unlocking the Gold Cheetah/Leopard Camos on all weapons will unlock the Chrome Tiger Camo, however I have no data to prove this.