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No Gamer Left Behind, Microsoft!

Microsoft Creates New Controller Designed Specifically for Players With Disabilities 


         Video games are one of the most common pastimes in the world largely due to the interactive aspects that separates them from other mediums like movies or television. However, based on how many controllers function it has been extremely hard for people with disabilities to take part in the activity. As games have gotten more complex so have the controls. Most controllers feature over ten different buttons and two analogs sticks which can be a nightmare for some people to use.  Microsoft is looking to put an end to that by unveiling a new controller designed specifically for people with disabilities. 


        The new Xbox Adaptive Controller is designed to work with people with disabilities by using a simple control set that can also be easily paired with a variety of different peripherals. Basically, players will be able to plug in the controller and then have the option to plug in whatever other peripheral that works best for them. In addition, this adaptive setup allows players to change their setup from game to game depending on the complexity of that particular game’s controls. The design of the controller is meant to help not just one specific disability but a wide variety of them so that anyone can find a way to play. This controller is a huge step forward for players who would have otherwise had to build custom setups or pay for very expensive hardware. The new controller will retail for $99.99 and with a price point like that, should prove to be very accessible to the public not to mention through the help of various different charitable organizations.  


         This new controller is a massive step forward that honestly, all gaming companies should look to emulate going forward. Video games are a huge part of so many people's lives and it’s always a great thing when more people can take part in the community. 

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