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Overwatch Off Season Update

The inaugural season of the Overwatch League finished last month and the London Spitfire were announced as the champions over the Philadelphia Fusion. As teams headed into the offseason, they were able to take a look internally and see what changes needed to be made before the start of season two next year. Here’s an update of some of the more recent changes.


Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons were always the underdogs and finished their season without a single win. This has made them the team with the most losses ever in any sport at 0 wins and 40 losses. With this losing streak being a reality, the Dragons have let go 8 of their 11 players. These players are: Altering, Freefeel, Fiveking, Roshan, Xushu, Ado, Sky, and Daemin. They have kept team leader Diya, tank player Fearless, and one of the best OW players in the world Geguri. No news has been stated who will replace these players, but the Shanghai Dragons are tired of being the loser and drastic changes have been made.


Seoul Dynasty

Gen G’s Overwatch team has experienced hardship in the latter half of the season. Finishing 8th out of 12th overall, the Korean team has expressed their dissatisfaction. The Dynasty were dominant in the league’s infancy, but have been surpassed in overall skill. The Dynasty have chosen to not resign Miro, Gido, and Wekeed in order to replace them with new players. Miro revolutionized Winston play in the early days and was one of the founding players of the team that eventually renamed to the Seoul Dynasty. It has been stated that he is being replaced by Fissure, a tank player formerly of the LA Valiant. We will have to see how the roster shapes up and if the Dynasty can return to form.



The New York Excelsior have recently announced the release of Janus, a substitute tank player. He has been sharing time with Mano practicing and playing on stage with the team. It was stated that Mano had more synergy with the existing roster. They have also chosen to release coach WizardHyeong for unclear reasons. Both of these former NYXL members are hot targets for some of the new teams joining the OWL next year. Expect to see both of these guys next year.


London Spitfire

The Spitfire haven’t lost any players like the teams mentioned above, but have instead added a coach. Coach “Coach815” will join the coaching staff as he is one of the most experienced esports coaches on the planet. He has coached esports for over 10 years including games like StarCraft, StarCraft 2, Heroes of the Storm, and MVP Space of the OGN Overwatch Apex tournament. He will be filling the coaching vacancy left by former coach Changgoon as he has joined Seoul Dynasty. Coach815 should bring a wealth of knowledge to the squad and help them retain their first place spot