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Player Gets Nuke With Only Melee Weapons

A Warzone 2 player by the name of ConnerDose has achieved unbelievable feat by being the first player to get a solo nuke by only using melee weapons. To be able to even get a nuke a player must win 5 matches in a row to then complete a Champions Quest contract in the next match in order to be able to secure a nuke. After the bomb is armed you must defend the bomb and prevent other players from disarming it. Doing this all by just the use of melee weapons is just on a whole nother level. To complete this task ConnerDose used a combination of melee weapons like the combat knife and riot shield to complete the objective.

The user has uploaded a video for his fans to watch his achievement showing highlights of the good and bad and showing the point he ends up securing a new unbelievable achievement. The amount of skills needed to pull something like this off is on a new level but to see ConnerDose achieve this has now asked the question, what will players come up with next?