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PUBG Update 21 Details

You asked, and PUBG answered. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds did an overhaul of its PC version of the game, adding new content including a new training mode and working out several bugs. The update released new weapons, vehicles and a new reward system.


The new game mode is one that has long been asked for by the community. PUBG Update 21 included adding a training mode for players to enjoy and “practice all aspects of PUBG gameplay.” The is 2x2 and allow players to play with up to 20 players per session but only five are needed to start the game. The matches will run for 30 minutes and allow players to test their skills in a variety of areas including a shooting range, parachute practice area and throwable range. Players will be unable to drop below 1 health point in training mode.


While you are working on your skills, be sure to work on you accuracy with the MK47 Mutant. This AR weapon is accessible on any map and carries 20 rounds of 7.62mm bullets. Players can choose between using it as a single shot or 2-round burst and use any type of attachment on the gun. It’s one flaw is that it has no stock slot to take advantage off. Along with the addition of the MK47 Mutant, PUBG introduced the Tukshai to the Sanhok map. This vehicle will be able carry three players at a time, but beware it is slower than its predecessors and may end up a bigger hindrance than help.


While the new mode and gear is fun and exciting, a big reason for Update 21, however was to correct a number of issues within the game. The bit fix was the UI/UX #02. Players should no longer have an issue with the drop-down menu when connecting their XBox controller to the PC. Both location issues seem to have been fixed and allow characters to appear where players intended. Players will also now receive an adequate amount of damage when when crashing a UAZ with a landmark as gamers specifically playing on the Sanhok map will no longer randomly fall from the sky when too close to the end of the sea.


Update 21 included additional updates to the system — largely focusing on a number of bug issues. Players can further check out the list of updates at