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Red Dead Redemption 2: Trailer Details

It may well be the Oregon Trail of the modern era — but better. Red Dead Redemption 2’s trailer released earlier in Aug, introducing an action packed resettling of the wild west.


Red Dead Redemption 2 debuts a wide-open world set in the Wild West as players play as the Arthur Morgan. The lengthy gameplay trailer walks its audience through the games storyline as well as gameplay footage. Rockstar Games, the game’s developer, “aimed to create a living world that is not simply open but deeper, more interactive and detailed than ever” as it combines the beauty of storytelling with the excitement of action.


The storyline will follow gamers playing as an outlaw as the time of the outlaw dies and the industrial age begins. Players will run in a gang as a senior gunman and will continually be on the run, fleeing towns and surviving off the land. No matter where Morgan ends up in the world interactive gameplay awaits. Gamers will be able to say hi to passing journeymen, hunt food to keep camp moral up or get in a local bar fight while stopped in town.


The weapons have developed as well. Players will be able to experience authentic replicas of weapons with realistic kickback and reloading effects. While no confirmation to rumors of customizable weapons was released, the latest trailer offered close ups of several weapons. New speculations have arisen to Morgan’s arsenal size with no weapon wheel visible. It’s clear that he will be able to carry at least two as he’s seen running toward a town with a revolver and shotgun. However, the only new weapon to the Red dead Redemption 2 is a bow. It will become the main weapon for hunting, allowing players to silently hunting animals and track any animals they manage to wound. Hunting will be vital to up keeping the moral at camp and become a main source for trading and earning coins.


Morgan’s horse was revealed to be one of the biggest components to the game. Players will have to work on building a bond with their horse. The way Morgan treats his horse in the game will affect how the animal performs for him. While players may not find this a big interactive piece as horses are simply a means of transportation, it may have a huge affect on Morgan when bullets begin whizzing by.  With a number of breeds in the game, gamers will be able to pick their horse for a variety of task. From quarter horses to some clydesdales, the trailer shows off a number of horses that will be able to assist players complete specific tasks faster and better based on their breed.


Every choice a player makes affects the game. Whether making Morgan a crooked thief or an honorable outlaw, gamers will have to make decision that result in various consequences, providing a real life scenario as the game progresses. Red Dead Redemption will continue to release more information up-to the release date on Oct. 26. The game will be released to PS4 and Xbox One.


The next trailer will focus on missions, activities, enemy gangs, and much more.