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Sony Japan ends Repair Service for PS2

Well fellow gamers if you were looking for another reminder that we are all getting older, Sony officially released a statement notifying PlayStation 2 owners that after August 31st, the company’s repair division will no longer be accepting applications for after-sales service. As hard as it may be to believe the best-selling console of all time the PlayStation 2 is now merely a relic of the past and the company that gave us the great console has acknowledged that they must invest their time and effort into other things.


You can’t blame them after all they have released two new consoles since then both of which very much needed an active repair division (remember those overheating original ps3s?) Yes, I am afraid we all have to accept that the PlayStation 2 is a retro console now and as such you will probably have to go to a local vintage gaming store in order to get your trusty PlayStation 2 fixed up from here on out.


Gone are the days of being able to ship your PlayStation 2 out for repairs when you had that blue disc problem. For you youngsters being raised on Fortnite and Call of Duty, back in the day PlayStation 2 owners were universally confused when they unluckily discovered that games with blue-backed discs wouldn’t work but clear backed discs worked just fine. It made no sense until people realized that some PlayStation games were CD-ROMs, and some were DVDs, both of which seem like ancient technology now. Back then there were no YouTube tutorials or reddit messages boards to explain to you what was going on so you either bought a new one or sent it out to Sony for repairs.  However, that era is officially over and now if you have a broken PlayStation 2 you will simply have to resort to reddit or your local mom and pop video game store. My how times have changed.