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Tespa hosts Copa Lucioball Tournament

Tespa and Blizzard have announced a Copa Lucioball tournament over the summer. The rules will be a three vs three style and will be hosted online next week. The tournament is a fun style tournament with a prize pool of 900 dollars with first place taking home a third of it. Players will play 5 matches versus other colleges in their bracket. The teams with a 50% win rate or higher will move onto a double elimination style final bracket.


Lucio ball will return to Overwatch Summer Games on August 9th as it has in the previous 3 years. However, a ranked version of the game will be introduced and will allow players to try to claim the title of the best. The map this year will be stationed in Busan, South Korea.


If you are trying to play in the Tespa tournament, visit Tespa’s site and register before August 10th. The matches will start on August 11th at 11AM PDT and playoffs will take place on the 12th at the same time. If you aren’t a college student, try your hand at the ranked ladder! Be sure to collect the new summer skins as well. We can expect Blizzard to capitalize on the popularity of the game and create something special to end the summer.