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The Rebirth of Rhythm Gaming

Rhythm games such as the infamous Guitar Hero and Rock Band series (as well as their various expansions, spin offs etc) have been, considering their iconization of the celebrity world of rock, ironically out of the spotlight. Although it has been sometime since the iconic 2007 double release of both Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band where rhythm gaming sat proudly on its throne of rock, the iconic fast paced play style of the genre has seen some resurgence on twitch within the past year. This is in part due two two main reasons, the community creation called Clone Hero, that acted as an amalgamation of all the prior series and a vector the the second reason, being the content creators and streamers who made Clone Hero popularized. Within this system, both Clone Hero and the content creators themselves were able to reincarnate the metaphorical dead phoenix that was the rhythm gaming genre itself.


Specifically one content creator that is bringing this niche industry back from its still smouldering ashes and back onto its comfortable front stage is none other then Twitch streamer and Youtube content creator Acai, also known as Alec (or Brown Man in his stream community). A sincere enthusiast and connoisseur of this genre, Alec has been creating rhythm gaming content for a over a decade, with almost 14 years of experience playing the games themselves. After over a decade of consistent uploads and consistent twitch streaming for the past few years, Acai was able to rack up over 300,000 subscribers on youtube and over 80,000 on twitch, raking in view counts the guitar hero world hasn’t seen since the rhythm industry was in the spotlight over a decade ago. Winning the world championships at the ripe year of 13, Acai was able to carry this talent onto the beloved community platform of Clone Hero, where Acai and players like him tackled and streamed custom songs like Soulless 4 that made Through The Fire And The Flames by Dragonforce seem like Slow Ride on Easy.  


Through the diligence and perseverance on behalf of the community, The rhythm gaming industry is seeing a resurgence back into the main medium. The community can only remain hopeful that gere and the loyal community itself can help the re-kindled industry continue to develop and grow. With the up and coming virtual reality industry even tackling this gere with games like Beat Saber, in which fans can play a new immersive take on the fast paced rhythmic gaming experience. Surly with the renaissance of rhythmic gaming taking away, the community will see a new generation of toys and technologies follow suit.