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TSM Leffen takes EVO 3-0

The gods of Melee have always reigned supreme. Each of which has had an era of success and domination over the others. Mang0 had his streak in the early 2000’s and was followed by a long streak of Armada taking first at every event. Hungrybox took 2017 by storm and became the #1 player in the world. Each of which have earned a 1st place finish at the biggest stage melee has, Evolution. Finally, William “Leffen” Hjelte has defeated another god and taken Evo for himself.


Leffen came from a background in the Melee scene that wasn’t pretty. He was considered the villain from Sweden in his early years. Most notably known for his win in the Fox vs. Fox match vs. Liquid Chillindude, Leffen took his villain role and doubled up on it as his skills backed up his talk. As the years progressed, he mellowed out but his drive remained. Leffen consistently made a name for himself and earn a spot amongst the gods, initially as the god-slayer but now as a god himself. Known for his intense and calculated Fox play, Leffen has always placed high and has his share of first place finishes, but he performed when it mattered at Evo this year.


Grand finals was Armada vs Leffen, the 2 best European players. Fox dittos ensued on Dreamland and Battlefield and Leffen showed why he is the best Fox player in Melee. Down 0-2, Armada went for the all in as he switched to his main, Peach. Explosive plays happened from both sides, but one up throw and up air sealed the deal and earned Leffen the championship. All of the years of hard work have paid off for Leffen and he has definitely earned the title of Evo Melee Champion 2018


Congrats to Leffen for winning Evo 2018!