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VALORANT Patch 1.0 Has Arrived!

VALORANT was launched yesterday with the new character Reyna, Ascent, a brand new map to join the existing three from the closed beta, and a new game mode called Spike Rush. Along with new content, a new patch was implemented, targeting different buffs, nerfs, and fixes for issues such as framerate drops. 


Sage, Omen, Phoenix, Raze, and Jett all received different buffs and nerfs on the game’s launch. 

Sage’s healing orb cooldown was increased from 35 seconds to 45 seconds to reduce the amount of times it could be used during a round. Her Barrier Orb health was reduced from 1000 to 800, and the duration has now dropped to 30 seconds. 

Sage’s Barrier Orb helped give it more counterplay options in pistol/early round but it’s still having too much impact in any given round,” stated Riot’s patch notes. “Our hope is that the wall stays a powerful stalling tool, but asks you to think more about when in the round you want to use it.” 

Raze experienced a nerf to Blast Pack as its maximum damage radius was reduced from two meters to one. 

"By reducing the inner maximum damage radius, we hope to reduce the average damage output of this ability while still keeping it powerful,” Riot noted. 

Jett’s Cloud Burst smoke duration was increased from four to seven seconds. In addition, Tailwind now automatically breaks Cypher’s Trapwires after being revealed. The changes should help the Agent play a little more aggressively. 

Phoenix has received a few different changes to his mechanics. The duration of Blaze has been increased from six to eight seconds, with changes to the power’s damage and healing abilities. Hot Hands now heals for one every 0.08 seconds. Curveball’s max flash duration was increased to 1.1 seconds, and Run it Back now automatically reloads all weapons on respawn. 

Omen has also come with a list of changes for the launch. Paranoia is now equipped instead of quickcast and comes with hit detection improvements. Dark Cover allows him to see through walls to place smokes. The ability also comes with updated controls, allowing players to increase smoke distance with primary fire, decrease it with secondary fire, and throw smoke with the ability key. 

Shrouded Step now allows Omen to see his teleport location on the map. From the Shadow can also be cancelled while in shade form. 

Riot explained the change: “We want Omen to attempt plays and create fear for his opponents with his ultimate. Previously, the punishment for using the ult was almost certain death if caught by an enemy, and it pushed the ability into more niche use. Allowing Omen to cancel his ult if he’s in danger at the cost of his ult points will hopefully open more possibilities and value, while still pushing him to try and pick the best teleport spots possible.”


The new map Ascent features a “large, open middle area that both teams can skirmish over.” Because it’s a new map at the game’s launch, Riot has made sure to make it slightly more common during matchmaking so players can have more chances to play on the map.

Competitive Mode

While players are excited for a competitive experience, Riot has confirmed that a Competitive Mode won’t be available at launch. 

"Similar to our closed beta launch, our initial focus is making sure our service is stable before activating competitive matchmaking. This is also a way to give new players the same courtesy that closed beta players had to learn the game ahead of turning on Competitive,” Riot stated. “We’ll also make some adjustments to Competitive based on remaining closed beta player feedback. Our plan is to turn on Competitive a few patches into our launch."

More details of the game’s 1.0 patch can be found on VALORANT’s official website. 

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