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VALORANT Patch Notes 0.49: A Spooky Omen

Another new Valorant patch has arrived at our fingertips. The big changes this week came to Omen, but you’ll also notice some tweaks to the map, Phoenix and the Valorant client. 

Omen players will no doubt feel this patch the most. According to Riot’s patch notes, “Omen now immediately becomes vulnerable and no longer appears dark after he leaves his alternate shadow form.” What does that mean exactly? Essentially, it’s now easier for opponents to know when the best time to shoot at Omen is and it has the added benefit of fixing a bug where Omen could become invulnerable by mistake. 

The second big Omen change is to the “attenuation radius” of the arrival sound of his From the Shadows ability. Opponents now need to be closer to Omen to identify where he’s teleporting to. Omen also received some visual updates alongside Breach.

Aside from the character updates, the map updates for this Valorant patch are the most important thing to take note of. There were “Multiple fixes to the geometry on Haven, Bind, and Split to fix exploits and help optimize gameplay,” and curtains were added to the top of the double doors on Haven. That should mean the end of a Sage Barrier Orb exploit that gave a little extra vision. 

Outside of the game itself, there were quite a few changes as well. A Play Again button was added to the End of Game screen and there were several tweaks to button locations and map assets. In the game, the HUD and UI received a couple updates as well. There’s a new directional damage indicator and new low health and ammo visuals. 

And of course, there were plenty of bug fixes with this patch too. Phoenix and Viper had a couple of bugs fixed each and there were a dozen more fixes to the map and other gameplay elements. 

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