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We Happy Few: A Dark and Crafty Game

Imagine a game that features a Britain after WW2 that’s on drugs!

Don’t let the name of the game deceive you. The name has nothing to do with what the game has to offer. It features thoughts that are quite dark and a dystopian world.

The distinct feeling of the gameplay is what makes it so unique. The mere quality of the ideas can be distinguished from the usual games from the very start. At the start of the game, you can start with one of three characters. These characters will play a role for an all-powerful ministry like removing anything which is like the life before the war.

A drug called Joy which makes you forget about the realities of the world is the main focus.

Your first character, called Arthur, has come off the effects while he is surrounded by people who wear a scary smiley mask and are very aggressive because of the drug. These people include police officers or gangs which rule over areas. The game also features unique twists and turns in the storyline which shoot off even in the very tutorial of the game.

The tutorial which is a camp for training is actually a trap where your character will be made to fight his best friend because he wasn’t acting like one behind his back. This may seem like a violent game (it is!) but it also features stealthy activities like picking locks or silently taking down an enemy.

The world portrayed in the game shows a whole new level of creepiness and foes---all of which is disturbingly unsettling. When you move onto the next section of this game, you play a new character. The next character called Sally would have been made quite familiar to you in the previous chapter, going about her own quests. This is another theme of the game which is relatively new.

Sally has a couple of secrets in the game which you notice in the previous chapter and when you play, you will find out what they are. To reveal anything further about this will be a huge spoiler for gamers.

The final character that you will get to play is called Ollie. This character will also bring about a new perspective, personality, and a completely new story. The different perspectives in the game provide for a brilliant and new method of narratives that have never been seen by gamers.

Having said so much about the pros of playing this game, some drawbacks should be discussed as well. The British accents that are portrayed in the game are sometimes a little poor. This may not be such a big deal though. What annoys most players is that the story progresses at such a pace that all the interesting parts come after a considerable amount of time into the game.

With all that has been said, if you feel this game stirs up your interest then we should talk about its release. The complete game will be launched on Xbox One, Pc, and PS4 on 10th August. Get it to experience the possible future of gameplay.