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What is next for the CDL?

The electrifying 2023 Call of Duty season reached its climactic conclusion with the New York Subliners emerging victorious at Cod Champs 2023. As the competitive scene takes a breather, fans and players alike eagerly anticipate the next installment. With the bar set high, let's delve into some predictions for the 2024 Call of Duty season.

  1. Continued Rise of New Talent: One constant in the Call of Duty esports scene is the emergence of new talent every year. The 2024 season is likely to see fresh faces rise to prominence, making their mark on the competitive landscape. Promising rookies will seize the opportunity to showcase their skills, bringing a new dynamic to the scene and challenging established veterans.

  2. Shakeup in Team Rosters: After the culmination of each season, team rosters often undergo significant changes as organizations assess their performance and look to strengthen their lineups. The 2024 season will be no different, with roster changes likely to bring exciting new team dynamics. Established players might switch teams, forming new alliances and rivalries. Such changes can breathe fresh life into the competitive landscape, leading to unexpected match-ups and intense rivalries.

  3. Increased International Competitiveness: Over the years, Call of Duty esports has seen a surge in international competition. Teams from regions outside the traditional powerhouses have started making their presence felt on the global stage. The 2024 season is expected to see a further increase in the competitiveness of international teams, challenging the dominance of North American squads. As regions like Europe, Asia, and Oceania continue to develop their talent, global tournaments will become even more exciting and unpredictable.

How do you think the offseason will play out leading into the 2024 Call of Duty season?