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Xbox unveils �Greaseproof� Controller

Gaming and nerd culture, in general, has become extremely popular to the point where it can almost be hard to forget that not too long ago the word “gamer” made many people think of a gross basement dwelling creature shoving their faces with snacks lit only by the light emanating from a monitor. Well apparently, Xbox Australia hasn’t gotten the memo and still pictures gamers as being sloppy enough to warrant a “greaseproof” controller. For context, this is the coming from the same team that brought us the Xbox ONEsie and a pop-up gaming hotel, so their marketing schemes have been quite unique, to say the least.


Their latest stunt is in part to celebrate PUBG upgrading from Beta to full release on the Xbox One. You may be asking yourself what does PUBG have to do with a greaseproof controller? but pay close attention dear reader. When you win a round of PUBG the tagline Winner Winner CHICKEN Dinner appears, and chicken get this…is greasy. Yeah, it’s a bit of a stretch but Xbox Australia is running with it. On the plus side, the controller actually looks kind of cool and is adorned in PUBG’s signature colors of yellow and grey. Ironically, however, the paint designed to protect the controller from grease makes the controller, in effect, look greasy when held to the light. Good news for collectors, the controller will be incredibly exclusive with only 200 being made each being individually numbered. As silly and ridiculous as this marketing campaign may be, you can’t help but give Xbox Australia an A for effort and appreciate their initiative. Video game companies often take themselves too seriously so it’s nice to see a company experiment and make goofy marketing campaigns because at the end of the day video games are fun and the community surrounding them should be fun as well.