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Ready to play some Call of Duty: Ghosts? On this page here you can find each Call of Duty Ghosts tournament in our expansive lineup offered for Sony’s PlayStation 4. This fan favorite title from 2013 is back in action with it’s “boots on the ground” playstyle! Grab your team of two, three, or four and dive into this Call of Duty Tournament right here and now at CheckMate Gaming. Compete and win to receive real cash prizes with your team on any of our tournaments you can find readily available for over fifteen hours of each and every day. CheckMate Gaming is ready to see you on the field with this eSports title. Join the forefront of competitive video gaming on our revolutionary platform that can only be found here.

Ghosts’ popularity in the competitive gaming community has surged wildly recently. We believe this to be the case due to Activision’s exciting new title Call of Duty: WWII on the horizon at the time of this being written. It’s also our belief that it may be a good idea for players to enter into our Call of Duty: Ghosts tournaments to freshen up their skills, the similarities in play style may give them the edge they need once Call of Duty: WWII drops November 6th, 2017.

This exciting PS4 tournament is well seasoned within the eSports community because of its established reputation amongst die hard fans. Play games for money in our PS4 tournaments for money with the cost being as little as a five or ten credit entry fee per player ($3.75USD and $7.50USD). We know you’ve been grinding in matchmaking and carving out a name for yourself elsewhere on our competitors, but CheckMate Gaming is where the action is when it comes to Call of Duty: Ghosts. Our lineup of Search and Destroy tournaments with the standard lineup of the popular maps Freight, Octane, Sovereign, and Warhawk are among our most popular on the site and offer very high rewards for prize money.

The world of online gaming has flourished recently all you need now is a console and the skill to be able to tell everyone that you play video games for money. It’s no longer the an unachievable for a gamer to score a spot on a team and go to large venues to make it big, you have the tools right there in your home to make it happen. The year 2017 will have a massive influence on competitive gaming and all forms of eSports competition. We encourage you to migrate from that matchmaking playlist, and get on into our tournaments here at CheckMate Gaming. Strap your boots up and get your team into the winners circle for this extreme competitive gaming experience. Our tournaments offer the most reliability and unrivaled support in the industry. With live support administrators always on staff to ensure your tournament gets going and runs smoothly. If you have any suggestions for our Call of Duty Ghosts tournaments for PS4 don’t hesitate to reach out to our administrators. We love to hear feedback from our loyal players!