Who is CMG?


CheckMate Gaming, or more commonly known as CMG, is a leading eSports platform of the most competitive online video game competitions for the top gaming enthusiast and players across America. The innovative and user-friendly platform includes a full set of advanced features, top-notch support and premier eSport competitions. The complete offering delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, bringing gamers to the next generation of the online eSports community.

The CMG team currently consists of 30+ members, all who have been thoroughly and properly trained to know everything there is to know about both gaming, as well as the gaming community and its players. The team’s deep understanding of players has enabled the brand to acquire thousands of players worldwide, including some of the top names, leagues and players in the gaming community.

The combination of game-changing innovations, a proven commitment to technical excellence, and a highly-dedicated team of professionals, with vast industry knowledge and experience, has allowed CMG to strategically build an elite eSports gaming platform that caters to all gamers, of all skills, of all levels.

CMG has successfully built a gaming community where gamers can play their favorite game for real money in exciting, yet challenging, ways. From large tournaments, to wager matches, and ladders, players are given the chance to compete in head-to-head Call of Duty: MWR and IW battles, which can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC gaming console devices.

CheckMate Gaming promises to provide all gamers with the best and most fair gaming experience possible. Sign up today and experience gaming like never before, eSports at its finest. 

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