CROSSCONSOLE Fortnite: Battle Royale ladders


Season: | 1235 teams


Season: | 2667 teams

Are you, like many others, addicted to Fortnite and convinced you’re the best? Have you been racking up the Victory Royales and looking to get into the competitive esports scene? Well, join one of Checkmate Gaming’s Fortnite Ladders on the PS4 and battle others for a chance to win real cash prizes. The time has come to take your skills and turn them into cash with our highly competitive ladders that help you put your skills to the ultimate test.
At Checkmate Gaming our PS4 Fortnite Battle Royale ladders offer the most streamlined and effective way to play competitive Fortnite. If you have been waiting to build, loot, and shoot your way to high stakes Victory Royales, now is your chance. Take on the competition solo in our solo ladder or grab your closest buddy and dominate in our duos ladder. Whatever your playstyle is, whatever your preferences are Checkmate Gaming has something for you! It has never been this easy to play video games for money so get ready to hop out of the battle bus and shoot your way to a Victory Royale worth more than just V-Bucks.
At this point, you might be wondering just how competitive Fortnite Works? Don’t worry it is simple! Simply join a party with your opponent or opponents, if playing in a 2v2 tournament, and hop into out onto the island. From there it’s a battle to rack up more kills than your opponent. At the end of two games, the player or duo with the most kills wins. Fortnite is relatively new to the esports community and it is because of this we encourage feedback from our player base. If you have any questions about the rules or format please let us know!
With the popularity of Epic Game’s latest creation growing every day, the demand and landscape for the competitive Fortnite scene is growing exponentially as well. Teams are being formed and more and more plans for Fortnite’s competitive future are being set into motion. So get in on the action and take your skills and turn them into cash rewards. Prove you’re the best in the online gaming community and be reward with riches. Victory Royales have never been sweeter.