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How to deposit using Skrill

Due to an ongoing issue with PayPal, CMG users will be required to deposit and withdraw using Skrill. Below is a step by step process on how to deposit using the new payment provider on CMG.


You can visit the Skrill website to create an account here:

1. Once you create an account and verify your information, you will have to click "deposit" on the left side of your screen.


2. In order for your deposit on Skrill to be instant you need to choose “deposit with a debit or credit card”. If you choose another option it can take up to 3 business days for your deposit to become available on Skrill.


3. You have to select that you do NOT want the money to be available for payments on gambling sites.


4. Once you deposit using your debit or credit card, the money will show in your skrill balance on the dashboard.


5. After you deposit into your Skrill account, you can go to add CMG Cash to your CMG account and select “Skrill” instead of “PayPal”.


6. You will be redirected back to Skrill to deposit funds using your Skrill balance. Click “Pay now”.


7. You will need to confirm the payment using your Skrill balance.


8. Payment successful! You can return to CMG with your cash added to your balance.


IMPORTANT: Skrill is currently only available for Canada and North America. We are looking to add the UK as soon as possible. 

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