× 1) The Division "Expeditionary" is now banned 2) Enabling COD eSports will automatically set the correct rule set.
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
This tournament has been archived.
Entry Fee
10.00 credits / player
Registration Starts
Fri May 19th, 2017 1:00 AM EDT
Registration Ends
Fri May 19th, 2017 4:10 PM EDT
Tournament Starts
Fri May 19th, 2017 4:10 PM EDT
Bracket Type
Single Elimination
Team Size
Total Teams
8 Teams
Teams Registered
7 Teams

General Tournament Rules

If you do not win a match, we ask that you please report the loss or accept your opponent’s report. Members that report incorrectly may be banned from competing in ladders/tournaments. Thank you. 

For best of 3: the team with the lowest seed will host the first map, the team with the highest seed will host second map. Third map the team with the most rounds won (combined: maps 1 and 2) will host 3rd map. Teams can find their seed number in match details and tournament bracket.

Prior to beginning a match, the hosting team must ensure that all of the settings are correct. If any setting is found incorrect and/or has an effect on the outcome of the match then the hosting team risks forfeiting any rounds played.

Teams using restricted weapons, score streaks, attachments, perks, or any other restricted items, which are listed for the match, will result in a forfeit of the round. That’s if they have an effect on the outcome of the match.

If there is a lag issue, you must leave the game immediately and ask your opponent to switch hosts. If for any reason the opponent does not want to switch hosts, contact Live Support. Any rounds played up until leaving the match will be counted. 

IW Tournament Game Settings

Search and Destroy

•       Crusher

•       Retaliation

•       Scorch

•       Throwback

•       Frost

1)    Players must use a different rig than their teammates. Using the same rig as your teammate will result in a forfeit of any rounds played.

2)    If players switch rigs mid game, it can result in a forfeit of the map. The rig you start out with, is what will need to be used.


1)    In addition to the banned weapons (listed below), any weapon alternative is not allowed for competitive use.  If used it will result in a forfeit of any round played.

2)    “Hybrid” weapons can only be used in the default primary mode. (EBR-800 = Sniper Rifle Only, RPR Evo = SMG Only, Type 2 - BANNED)


Banned Payloads:
• Micro Turret
• Phase Shift

Banned Traits
• Ping
• Persistence
• Infusion
• Supercharge
• Perception
• Relay
• Marked Target
• Heightened Senses

Banned Rigs
• Synaptic

Banned Perks
• Tracker
• Pinpoint

Banned Assault Rifles
• R3K
• Volk

Banned Shotguns
• Reaver
• DCM-8
• Banshee
• Rack-9

Banned LMGs
• Mauler
• Titan

Banned Variant Weapons
• All Variant Weapons

Banned Classic Weapons
• M1
• Hornet
• S_Ravage
• Auger
• Trencher

Banned Pistols
• Hailstorm

Banned Launchers
• Spartan SA3
• Howitzer

Banned Attachments 
Fusion Mag
• Hollow Point/Faraday Slug
• Ram Servo
• Akimbo
• Auto Sear
• Tracking Chip

Banned Wildcards
• Overkill - Challenge Option!

Banned Scorestreaks 
• Drone Package
• Counter UAV
• Vulture
• Shock Sentry
• Advanced UAV

Banned Lethals
• Plasma Grenade 
• Seeker Grenade
• Trip Mine
• Exploding Drone
• Black Hole Projector
• C4

Banned Tacticals 
• Personal Radar
• Dome Shield
• Cryo Mine
• Nano Shot

Game Settings

• CODCaster: Enabled


Gameplay Settings

• Hardcore Mode: Disabled

• Headshots Only: Disabled

• Cranked Timer: Disabled

• Double Jump: Challenge Option - Enabled by Default

• Wall Run: Challenge Option - Enabled by Default

• Allow Payloads: Enabled

• Payload Charge Rate: Disabled

• Payload Score Modifier: Gamemode Specific - See Gamemode

• Perks: Enabled

• Scorestreaks: Enabled

• Persistent Streaks: Disabled

• CWL Tuning: Enabled


Team Settings

• Spectating: Team Only

• 3rd Person Spectating: Disabled

• Killcam: Enabled

• Radar Always On: No

• Respawn Delay: See Gamemode

• Wave Spawn Delay: None

• Force Respawn: Enabled

• Friendly Fire: Enabled

• Team Kill Punish Limit: Disabled


Player Settings

• Number of Lives: Gamemode Specific

• Max-Health: Normal

• Health Regeneration: Normal

Game Settings

Time Limit: 1.5 Minutes

Round Win Limit: 6 Rounds

Win By Two Rule: Disabled

Win By Two Max Rounds: 8 Rounds

Round Switch: Every Round

Cod Caster: Enabled



Bomb Timer: 45 Seconds

Plant Time: 5 Seconds


Defuse Time: 7.5 Seconds

Multi Bomb: Disabled

Silent Plant: Enabled



Number Of Lives: 1 Life

Max Health: Normal

Health Regeneration: Normal



Hardcore Mode: Disabled

Headshots Only: Disabled

Cranced Timer: Disabled

Double Jump: Challenge Option

Wallrun: Challenge Option

Allow Payloads: Enabled

Payload Charge Rate: Disabled

Payload Score Modifier: x8

Perks: Enabled

Scorestreaks: Enabled

Persistent Scorestreaks: Disabled

Additional Tournament Rules

1.It is the responsibility of all members to know and understand all rules prior to scheduling any matches. Rules are subject to change at any time.

2. CMG is currently only available in North America and Canada. If a player from outside of those regions is found competing on CheckMateGaming.com, they will forfeit from any competition and/or playoff.

3. To ensure fair competition, CMG holds the right to modify any match-related rules listed herein on a case by-case basis. Teams who manipulate these rules maliciously and/or at the expense of other members will be penalized for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.



1.     All gamer tags must be valid. If the gamer tag is not legitimate (owned by the user), the team will risk forfeiting a match.

2.     Rosters must comprise of at least one valid gamer tag.

3.     Gamer tags may not contain inappropriate language, disproving remarks, hate/racist names.

Foul language, disparaging remarks, hateful, or racist names; otherwise, the team will risk an automatic forfeit of the match.

1. A team has 15 Minutes to show for the match with the correct number of eligible players and roster as shown for the match; failure to do so could result in a forfeit of the match.

2. In the situation that the opposing team does not show for the match, please contact Live Support. We do not accept message proof (Xbox messages, Twitter, etc.) for no shows, please submit a video clip that is at least 5 minutes in length. 

Acquiring Proof

1. Proof may be acquired by recording situations and all matches. Keep in mind, may the situation arise where the opposing team makes a dispute and you are unable to provide valid proof of winning the previous match, you risk the match being cancelled.

2. All proof must be recorded with capture device or uploaded using the console's (Xbox One / PS4) "share" system.

3. If you do not use the consoles DVR feature, you risk your proof being considered "Insufficient". We HIGHLY suggest you use your consoles DVR feature for proof.

4. If you are unsure what proof to gather in a certain situation, please note this in the ticket. If we required additional proof the ticket will not be closed immediately; we will reply to ticket so please check comments as much as possible.


Submitting Proof

1. When submitting proof, you must post the direct URL in the ticket. If the URL is not accessible the proof will not be counted.

2. For proof to be considered valid, it must have the full scoreboard with gamertags, with the proof being clear enough for Staff to read it.

3. Submitting fake, irrelevant, or old proof may result in a temporary suspension from CMG.

4. Any conversation may not be considered valid proof; this includes, but is not limited to: Twitter conversations, PMs, AIMs, Skype, or messages through Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. This means, messages are NOT a form of valid proof.

1. It is the responsibility of all teams involved in a match to report scores. Teams must report the match within 3 Hours of completion. If a team reports within 3 Hours and the opposing team fails to do so, the outcome will be determined by the reporting team.  The match outcome will NOT be overturned.

2. If a team reports a win for zero reason, it will result in a forfeit of the match and will be banned. Teams should please accept your loss.

3. Reporting a match before it has been played is not a forfeit.  If a team reports their win or a match issue prior to the match being played and that team loses, they are required to submit a ticket under the category "Accept Loss".  If your opponent reports a match issue prior to the match being played, you are still responsible for gathering proof of your claims.

4. Ladder matches: if you report the loss for your team, CMG will not reverse and/or cancel the match. It is the responsibility of the reporter to report the correct score.

5. Tournament matches: if you do not win a match, we ask that you please report the loss or accept your opponent’s report. Members that do not report or accept the report may be banned from competing in tournaments. Thank you.




1.     In the case of a dispute, teams must submit a ticket with valid proof of their claims. If a team does not submit a ticket, in a reasonable amount of time, they are risking receiving the loss for the match.  If a ticket is submitted late or not submitted at all, the match outcome won’t be overturned.


Response Times

1.     Tickets are handled in the order they are received. Please contact CMG support regarding any tickets that have been submitted.  If the member that submitted the ticket is an Elite member then they will have said that the user disagrees with any call the ticket may be escalated. Ticket escalation will not be reviewed by the same admin and tickets can only be escalated one time.

First Place

credits back

Second Place

Third Place

credits back

*Final prize will be adjusted based on the total number of eligible teams seeded into the bracket.

Prize Claim:

Prize claims must be completed within 24 hours of the end of the tournament otherwise risk penalty of the prize.

Click here to process a Prize Claim. A claim can take up to 72 hours to be processed.

Players who reside in any of the below states are not eligible to receive and/or claim any prizes from CheckMate Gaming;

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Quebec

Legal Disclaimer:

General Online Tournament Rules

CheckMate Gaming organizes online tournaments with these stated official rules. Each tournament, rules, prize rules, dates and any other specific information/details may be provided at the time of each tournament. A participant agrees to abide by these final and obligatory rules and choices of CheckMate Gaming staff/partners when participating in any online tournament.

Tournament Dates

Each individual tournament will be held on the scheduled dates provided by CheckMate Gaming LLC.

How to Enter a Tournament

In order to participate in a CheckMate Gaming tournament you must be a registered participant. Tournament registration is open until all tournament spots are filled – the number of spots per each individual tournament is stated on the tournament page within the website.

For a tournament entry to be considered valid, participants must provide all necessary/requested information. Incomplete or more than one entries will see the participant as disqualified - one entry per person per tournament. All entries become the property of CheckMate Gaming and will not be acknowledged or returned. Please note that CheckMate Gaming is not responsible for any lost, late, incomplete, or misdirected entries.

Eligibility & Limitations

All participants must be legal residents of the United States of America, unless otherwise stated. Participants must be at least eighteen years of age as of the entry date. Children under the age of eighteen years are not permitted to register on this site for any tournaments or competitions. CheckMate Gaming will not knowingly collect information from children under age 18. CheckMate Gaming reserves the right to request proof of age of winners as a condition precedent to prize award, by providing a copy of the winner's government-issued photo ID document and/or requiring submission to Checkmate Gaming of an affidavit of eligibility upon a form prescribed by Checkmate Gaming.

Only one (1) prize per household per tournament.


Further Conditions

CheckMate Gaming LLC. is not responsible for any incorrect/inaccurate information, whether caused by users of the site or by any of the equipment/programming associated with the site or in any tournament. Moreover by any technical or human error, which may have occurred in the registration process, tournament entries or in connection with any tournament including, technical limitations or other events that may result in the disqualification or loss of ranking status of any participant in any tournament. CheckMate Gaming does not assume any responsibility for errors, interruptions, deletions, defects/delays, or site/tournament communication line failures. Additionally CheckMate Gaming does not take any responsibility for any theft or destruction of unauthorized access to or modification of any registration entries.

CheckMate Gaming and its employees, affiliates, sponsors, partners, suppliers, will not be responsible or accountable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any kind in any event.


All participating participants give CheckMate Gaming and its affiliates permission to use names, nick-names, gamer tags, and likeness in promotional associations of this and other tournaments, and waive any claims of royalty or right for such use, unless otherwise agreed upon or where prohibited.

Decisions & Conduct

By participating in the Tournament, participants agree to abide the rules of each specific Tournament. Participants further agree to be bound by the decisions made by CheckMate Gaming, its employees, its volunteers, and other personnel. Participants who fail to abide by posted rules and gain unfair advantage, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior is prohibited. All decisions concerning disputes are final.


Prize(s) that may be awarded to eligible winner(s) are limited to one prize package per winner. A description of the prizes will be provided for each individual tournament. Prizes are non-transferable and not exchangeable for other prizes. In the case of an unavailable prize, in its sole discretion, sponsors reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal/greater value. All taxes, gratuities and unspecified expenses are the sole responsibility of winner. Winners assume all liability for use of their prize(s).

Each winner must submit a Prize Claim within seven days after the tournament has ended. Prior to receipt of prize, winners are required to follow CheckMate Gaming’s instructions and provide any necessary/relevant forms. If a winner has not followed the proper instructions or has not submitted any of the necessary/correct forms or discards his/her prize within 14 days after the tournaments end date, the winner will be considered noncompliant with these Official Rules and requirements, and such prizes will be forfeited.


Each winner is solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes. Participants who win over $600 in prizes will receive an IRS Form at the end of the calendar year and a copy of the form will be filed with the IRS.


CheckMate Gaming reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a tournament to a later date and time if for any reason a tournament is unable to be operated at its scheduled time/date.

Round-1 Semi-Final Final Winner
To be announced.
To be announced.
To be announced.
To be announced.
Fri May 19th, 2017 4:20 PM EDT
Fri May 19th, 2017 5:10 PM EDT
Fri May 19th, 2017 6:20 PM EDT
Fri May 19th, 2017 6:20 PM EDT
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