Standard setup, no special requirements
Elite Only
Elite membership required to enter.
Free Entry
No entry fee required. It's free money, people.
Guaranteed minimum prize pool.
Members with a gold trophy for that game cannot compete.
Team size
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Playing Fortnite? Got Skill? Join up for some true Fortnite Battle Royale mayhem here on CheckMate Gaming’s revolutionary and advanced eSports platform. Enter both paid and free PS4 tournament on CMG. Simply click join on a 1v1 or 2v2 in order to create a team and crash into the battle guns blazing. Play PS4 tournaments for money and reach new levels of skill in your competitive video gaming and eSports career. Win a real cash prizes in this Fortnite tournament.

Play games for money right here at CMG! How does a Fortnite Battle Royale tournament work? Well, the battle royale game type does not lend itself to typical custom matches you normally see in tournament matches. However! We have found a perfect solution for this, you simply team up with you cooperative opponent and the team with the most kills in the match simply advances to the next round in the tournament. In the event of a tie the last team standing wins, and in the event of a complete team win and tie the last kill made will then secure your teams win!

Online gaming has boomed in the last two decades armed only with your console you can safely tell your friends that you play PS4 tournaments for money. It’s no longer the pipedream of a gamer to score a spot on a team and go to large venues to make it big, you have the tools right there in your hands to make it happen. This year 2018 will have a large influence on competitive gaming and all forms of eSports competition. So get off that playlist, and get on the winners list with CheckMate Gaming. So grab your buddies, join a CMG tournament and show off your skills for the world to see. We offer trophies, achievements, and even credits back a large Fortnite Battle Royale tournament! Our staff will also do everything in their power to assist you smoothly through your PS4 tournament for money so that you can win that sweet sweet cash prize! Rest assured you want to be right here at CheckMate Gaming the leading innovator of online tournaments on the PlayStation 4.

Fortnite Battle Royale is a game mode that pits a large number of players against one another in an open world environment, complete with a mechanism “The Storm” which is game mechanism that forces all the players to a smaller and smaller location throughout the game, with deadly consequences if you don’t. Battle royale games have surged in popularity and games of noted with this style include PlayerUnknown’s: Battlegrounds and and H1Z1. This is an ever blossoming gametype and full of surprises and and ever improving skill sets! Stay tuned for more games and modes of this game type in tournament form from CMG, We are always listening to our loyal and vocal customers to add and improve our offerings and services. Now get in the action right now on CheckMate Gaming the way eSport tournaments should be run!