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Play Apex Legends in professionally run eSports tournaments and win real cash prizes right here on Checkmate Gaming! Apex Legends tournaments for the Xbox One on Checkmate Gaming is the next large game to come from the creators of the original Call of Duty, Modern Warfare and Titan Fall team, Respawn Entertainment. Since the growth and populator of massive Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite, Respawn Entertainment has been quietly working on their unique version and take on the Royale genre. Taking assets from their already popular shooter Titan Fall 2, they set out to build their own take on the genre. Bringing a mix of their shooting mechanics and movement from Titan Fall, with a mix of hero’s shooters like Overwatch, and the style of other Royale games, they brought their talent to the Royale genre of games.

Our tournaments run 24/7 bringing all sorts of ways to earn money just by playing in your favorite competitive games. Checkmate Gaming offers big cash prizes for our tournaments. Our tournaments are played online from the comfort of your own home. Checkmate Gaming brings the best platform to play on to any of our supported regions.

If tournaments are not enough to feed your hungry, why not give our Apex Legends Wagers and XP Ladders. Challenge players and show off your skill or take it to the next level and turn those skills into cash. If you want to make the most out of your Wager matches, be sure to grab an Elite Membership from our Store. This will allow you to have fee-free wager matches and gives you higher priority tickets while also giving you double XPs and stat resets. You can also turn your wagers into Live Supported matches by taking a small fee from the winning pot to get instant assistance from our trained admins on the spot.