This tournament has been archived.
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Apex Legends
Game mode
Odd-Man Battle Royale
This tournament has been archived.
Entry Fee
Registration Starts
Mon Apr 15th, 2019 2:30 PM EDT
Registration Ends
Mon Apr 15th, 2019 6:40 PM EDT
Tournament Starts
Mon Apr 15th, 2019 6:40 PM EDT
Bracket Type
Single Elimination
Team Size
Total Teams
16 Teams
Teams Registered
16 Teams

Apex Legends Rules and Settings

Apex Legends tournament matches are played inside of a regular lobby, you are teamed up with your opponent and play against each other in the same match while trying to get the most kills. Different modes of play have different rules, so please see the sections below for 1v1 rules and Odd-Man rules respectively.

You are not required to stay with the squad, you can leave to free fall whenever you want if you want to do so.

A tie in kills will award the win to the last kill-tied player alive because they lasted the longest with the same amount of kills. 

A tie in kills and the tied players win the match - the tied players will play another match until a winner is determined

All proof for Sabotage has to be intentional and show that it had a dramatic effect on your match. You are allowed to work together, steal loot, and steal kills. You are NOT allowed to intentionally give up your opponents location by shooting. In game pings are allowed whether the ping is true or not. 

All characters/Legends at this time are allowed for use.

A 3v3 Apex Legend Odd-Man match is played as an Odd-Man Battle Royale match

In this mode 3 team members will play against 3 other team members, they will each swap one member to the other team to verify the kills in the match and ensure it is played speedily and reported accurately.

When the game is complete you add up the kills for all three members on your team across the two matches to determine the winner. The team with the most kills wins the match. If kills are tied you will play again to determine a winner.

In the instance both Squads lobbies make it into the same match they are allowed to hunt each other freely (you still can not Sabotage inside your Squad)

As there are two sides to this match in the event of forfeiture one side of the match can be disqualified and the other still count.

If you leave the lobby in the plane/landing phase you must record proof with a reason as to why you left, if you do not have a valid reason you will be forfeited.
The selection of which legends are picked is random if you do not get the legend you anticipated on picking that is not a valid reason to leave.
Jumpmaster is automatically chosen, you do not have to stay with your team. You can jump/part ways whenever you want. if the jumpmaster jumps earlier than you wanted, that is not a valid reason to leave.

You and your opponent will join and search for a match on the same team. A randomly assigned 3rd player will be added to the game and their score will be ignored and any player reviving another player besides themselves will not count.

The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins if in the event the kills are tied the player last standing will win. 

In the event, kills are tied, and both players are still standing at the end the match will be replayed to determine a winner.

ALL in-game items/legends/guns are allowed for use. (Self-resurrecting yourself with a "Level 4 Knockdown Shield" is also allowed and you will not be considered dead if you revive yourself.

You may work together with both your teammates in-game; however, if you do any act to maliciously affect your opponent's gameplay immediately, it could result in a loss. 

If the random 3rd player revives you, you are considered dead, and you are to die immediately preferably by running into the storm. Failure to do so and attempting to gain more kills after death will result in a forfeit.

If you leave the lobby in the plane/landing phase, you must record proof with a reason as to why you left, if you do not have a valid reason you will be forfeited.
The selection of which legends are picked is random if you do not get the legend you anticipated on picking that is not a valid reason to leave.
Jumpmaster is automatically chosen; you do not have to stay with your team. You can jump/part ways whenever you want. If the jumpmaster jumps earlier than you wanted, that is not a valid reason to leave.

An admin can take the place of the random to ensure a match is played out fairly and on time the admin will die at the start and spectate.

Battle Royale Tournament Rules

It is the responsibility of all members to know and understand all rules before scheduling any matches or entry to any tournaments. Rules are subject to change at any time.
If any rules or settings are incorrect, follow your games guidelines and be sure to capture in-game proof to present of what you're claiming.

  1. A team has 15 Minutes from the scheduled match time to show for matches. 15 minutes after the scheduled start time, you will need to report your opponents as a “No Show” to live support.
  2. When alerted to a no-show the administrator will then contact your opponent at the 15-minute mark after the scheduled match start time. Your opponents will then have an additional amount of time to respond to the administrator and Join/Host (The additional amount of time is based on the administrator’s discretion)
  3. Failure to follow the directions and the set deadlines from the administrator will result in a forfeiture of the match.
  4. We do not accept messages between players as proof (Xbox/PSN messages, Twitter, etc.) for any circumstances.

Obtain proof of your match using your DVR Capture method of choice (PS4Share/XboxDVR/Twitch/Mixer).
Teams must be able to provide video proof showing their opponents are dead. Teams must also show video proof of how many kills your opponents had as well as how many kills your team had via the scoreboard.

You will need to take video proof for all instances that occur in game. We will not be able to act without proof that supports your claims. Failure to provide proof that shows what occurred will prevent the admin from assisting in your favor.
Proof must be provided in a reasonable amount of time. Failure to provide proof in an acceptable amount of time, may prevent the administrator to act on your claims.
We provide specific identification for your match, on your match details page, to further validate the proof which you provide for most games.

Administrators will attempt to contact you for your match through Twitter. Make sure you have valid contact information linked.
YOUR GAMERTAG MUST BE CORRECT (in the event it does not match your match details page, it is the admin's discretion to make a call on the match) 
The Gamertag or user identification that is active when tournament bracket generates is the Gamertag that will be displayed in the match details. If a member changes their Gamertag after the bracket generates, it will not update in the match details.
If a member changes their Gamertag after the bracket generates, their Gamertag will update on their profile page. However, it will NOT update in the match details
Admins cannot change gamertags that are already displayed on the match details.
From the start of your match, you will have 30 seconds from the game launching to leave your match for incorrect gamertags. If you stay in the match passed this point, you are accepting the gamertags in game as your correct opponents.

You may only compete in a tournament of your region. If any members on a team are found to not be from the tournaments supported region, your team will be forfeited without refund.

Global Tournaments: Due to routing distance/ping, we cannot guarantee adequate connection. Members that enroll in Global tournaments agree to these conditions and understand connection issues are outside of CMG's control. Please follow the lag guidelines for your game in question if your issue is covered under them.

In and Odd-Man Battle Royale both teams get to host their own match with one member from the other team, one team does not get to host both matches.

Keyboard and mouse (KBM) usage is only permitted in PC tournaments.

KBM usage found in console tournaments, may result in a replay with handcam and/or loss of the match.

KBM usage will be decided based on the proof provided and the admin's discretion.

Keyboard and mouse is not permitted in Cross-Console matches

Playing your match before the scheduled start time, will not be considered a warm-up. This would count as the official results.

If you voluntarily choose to replay your match, the replayed match would count as the final outcome.

You may consult with an admin on Live Support on whether a match should be replayed or to have an official replay issued. You must be ready to provide valid proof that would warrant a replay based on what is listed in the rules.

If an admin reverses a match due to issues prior and you have started/completed the next round match-up, it will not be replayed should the same match-up occur

A team has 30 seconds to leave the match due to lag after landing, and it will be replayed with valid proof of the lag from multiple players perspectives. If not replayed supply this proof in dispute ticket for the possibility of a  match cancel.


Disconnections 30 seconds after landing in tournaments and live supported wager matches only can be replayed at admins discretion if valid proof is supplied of the disconnection promptly after it has occurred. If your teammates disconnect and falls within the conditions that could get you a replay you also must leave the match immediately in order for said replay to occur.
Valid proof of a disconnect in a ticket supported match might result in a cancel if the match was not replayed.
For live support wager matches, if the team that disconnected is up in kills, it is at the admin's discretion if the match is replayed if the admin determines it was a server issue and not the member purposely disconnecting.
No replay will be issued without proof of disconnect. Your teammate must have left within 30 seconds after your disconnection in order for it to have gotten a replay or cancel with valid proof supplied.

Upon a replay due to disconnect, you must resume play as the same character at the time of disconnection.

If a team experiences an in-game glitch within 30 seconds of all team members touching the ground, all members of your CMG team must leave the game immediately. If you experience an in-game glitch after 30 seconds from all members touching the ground, it is the admin's discretion if the match is to be replayed depending on the seriousness of the glitch, duration and if it drastically affected the outcome of the match. Enrolling in tournament/wager matches, you agree to the known glitches and accept the outcome.  If the team that glitched out at the time of the glitch occurring is up in kills, it is at the admin's discretion if the match is replayed.

CMG and your opponent are also not liable for members that cannot make it to their match on time for ANY reason. It is the sole responsibility of each member to play their match on time. Issues include but not limited to; issues with game updates, server outages, network connection, power outages, online subscription deactivation, or emergencies. For all issues, please visit live support located in the support tab of all tournaments. It is the admin's discretion to issue a refund or replay.

First Place


Second Place

Third Place

*Final prize will be adjusted based on the total number of eligible teams seeded into the bracket.

Prize Claim:

Prize claims must be completed within 24 hours of the end of the tournament otherwise risk penalty of the prize.

Click here to process a Prize Claim. A claim can take up to 72 hours to be processed.

Players who reside in any of the below states are not eligible to receive and/or claim any prizes from CheckMate Gaming;

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Maryland
  • Quebec

Legal Disclaimer:

General Online Tournament Rules

CheckMate Gaming organizes online tournaments with these stated official rules. Each tournament, rules, prize rules, dates and any other specific information/details may be provided at the time of each tournament. A participant agrees to abide by these final and obligatory rules and choices of CheckMate Gaming staff/partners when participating in any online tournament.

Tournament Dates

Each individual tournament will be held on the scheduled dates provided by CheckMate Gaming LLC.

How to Enter a Tournament

In order to participate in a CheckMate Gaming tournament you must be a registered participant. Tournament registration is open until all tournament spots are filled – the number of spots per each individual tournament is stated on the tournament page within the website.

For a tournament entry to be considered valid, participants must provide all necessary/requested information. Incomplete or more than one entries will see the participant as disqualified - one entry per person per tournament. All entries become the property of CheckMate Gaming and will not be acknowledged or returned. Please note that CheckMate Gaming is not responsible for any lost, late, incomplete, or misdirected entries.

Eligibility & Limitations

All participants must be legal residents of the United States of America, unless otherwise stated. Participants must be at least eighteen years of age as of the entry date. Children under the age of eighteen years are not permitted to register on this site for any tournaments or competitions. CheckMate Gaming will not knowingly collect information from children under age 18. CheckMate Gaming reserves the right to request proof of age of winners as a condition precedent to prize award, by providing a copy of the winner's government-issued photo ID document and/or requiring submission to Checkmate Gaming of an affidavit of eligibility upon a form prescribed by Checkmate Gaming.

Only one (1) prize per household per tournament.


Further Conditions

CheckMate Gaming LLC. is not responsible for any incorrect/inaccurate information, whether caused by users of the site or by any of the equipment/programming associated with the site or in any tournament. Moreover by any technical or human error, which may have occurred in the registration process, tournament entries or in connection with any tournament including, technical limitations or other events that may result in the disqualification or loss of ranking status of any participant in any tournament. CheckMate Gaming does not assume any responsibility for errors, interruptions, deletions, defects/delays, or site/tournament communication line failures. Additionally CheckMate Gaming does not take any responsibility for any theft or destruction of unauthorized access to or modification of any registration entries.

CheckMate Gaming and its employees, affiliates, sponsors, partners, suppliers, will not be responsible or accountable for any indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages of any kind in any event.


All participating participants give CheckMate Gaming and its affiliates permission to use names, nick-names, gamer tags, and likeness in promotional associations of this and other tournaments, and waive any claims of royalty or right for such use, unless otherwise agreed upon or where prohibited.

Decisions & Conduct

By participating in the Tournament, participants agree to abide the rules of each specific Tournament. Participants further agree to be bound by the decisions made by CheckMate Gaming, its employees, its volunteers, and other personnel. Participants who fail to abide by posted rules and gain unfair advantage, or obtain winner status using fraudulent means will be disqualified. Inappropriate or unsportsmanlike behavior is prohibited. All decisions concerning disputes are final.


Prize(s) that may be awarded to eligible winner(s) are limited to one prize package per winner. A description of the prizes will be provided for each individual tournament. Prizes are non-transferable and not exchangeable for other prizes. In the case of an unavailable prize, in its sole discretion, sponsors reserve the right to substitute a prize of equal/greater value. All taxes, gratuities and unspecified expenses are the sole responsibility of winner. Winners assume all liability for use of their prize(s).

Each winner must submit a Prize Claim within seven days after the tournament has ended. Prior to receipt of prize, winners are required to follow CheckMate Gaming’s instructions and provide any necessary/relevant forms. If a winner has not followed the proper instructions or has not submitted any of the necessary/correct forms or discards his/her prize within 14 days after the tournaments end date, the winner will be considered noncompliant with these Official Rules and requirements, and such prizes will be forfeited.


Each winner is solely responsible for any and all applicable taxes. Participants who win over $600 in prizes will receive an IRS Form at the end of the calendar year and a copy of the form will be filed with the IRS.


CheckMate Gaming reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a tournament to a later date and time if for any reason a tournament is unable to be operated at its scheduled time/date.

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