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Are you caught up in gaming’s biggest obsession? Are you racking up the Victory Royales? Well then, before you spend more cash on yet another emote join one of Checkmate Gaming’s Fortnite Xbox One tournaments. Sign up now for as little as five credits ($3.75USD) and you could be winning real cash prizes for being the best! At Checkmate Gaming we promise the highest payouts and the best value when it comes to playing video games for money.
Think you ready to take on the best the online gaming community has to offer? Well then get ready to hop out the battle bus and into the winner’s circle where you can earn some serious cash on a Fortnite tournament. At Checkmate Gaming we offer the finest competitive Fortnite experience designed for players of all skill levels and play styles. Join one of our solo tournaments or grab a friend and crush the competition in the duos tournament. Are you new to competitive Fortnite? Not a problem! Join one of our amateur tournaments and get some competitive experience in no time. Have you been putting in long hours and feel ready for the big leagues? Then join one of our ELITE tournaments where premium members can join for free and win some of our biggest cash prizes. Anything you’re looking for Checkmate gaming has for you. It has never been this easy to play video games for money so get ready to build, loot, and shoot your way to a victory royale worth more than just V-Bucks.
Wondering how competitive Fortnite works? It’s simple! Simply join a party with your opponent or opponents, if playing in a 2v2 tournament, and hop into out onto the island. From there it’s a battle to rack up more kills than your opponent. At the end of two games the player or duo with the most kills wins. Fortnite is relatively new to the esports community and it is because of this we encourage feedback from our player base. If you have any questions about the rules or format please let us know!
With the popularity of Epig Game’s latest creation growing every day, the demand and landscape for the competitive Fortnite scene is growing exponentially as well. So get in on the action and take your skills and turn them into cash rewards. Prove you you’re the best in the online gaming community and be reward with riches. Victory Royales have never been sweeter.