$1,500 in Guaranteed prizes Top 32!

Posted: Feb 4th | 11:32 PM EST | By: CMGDante

Top 32 team get paid out!

Tuesday - Fortnite @ 8pm EST

Wednesday - Blackout @ 8pm EST

Thursday - BlackOps 4 @ 8pm EST

Get your team now and sign up. With the payout being to top 32 teams, now gives you a better chance of bringing home a prize! Check out this week ’s line up and stay tuned for more!



How the prize is paid out:

1st place - Cash

2nd place - Cash

3rd - 4th place - Get 20 credits each

5th - 8th place - Get 15 credits each

9th - 16th place - Get 10 credits each

17th - 32nd place - Get 5 credits each


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