Posted: Sep 21st | 1:30 AM EDT | By: CMGDelong

Checkmate Gaming is running many free to enter Fortnite: Battle Royale 2 vs 2 and Call of Duty: WWII 4 vs 4 tournaments Check our upcoming tournaments for one that matches your need and join up, tournament registration opens 2 hours before the tournament start time! All times listed below are in EDT. See you in the fray!

Upcoming Tournaments!

PlayStation 4 -
12:00 PM Fortnite
1:00 PM WWII
5:00 PM Fortnite
6:00 PM WWII
10:00 PM Fortnite
11:00 PM WWII

Xbox One - 
10:00 AM WWII
11:00 AM Fortnite
3:00 PM WWII
4:00 PM Fortnite
8:00 PM WWII
9:00 PM Fortnite

PC -
9:00 AM Fortnite
2:00 PM Fortnite
7:00 PM Fortnite

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