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Additional Season 2 Details Released

Activision has released some more details pertaining to Season 2. They have committed to making crashes, stability and performance their top priority and will have patch notes provided about more details on what’s been fixed and improved.

Another key area that has been worked on is Audio, this is a issue they have been looking into where sounds were not playing correctly due to the wrong amount of sound channels being selected and will change this to force stereo sound with Season 2 and have suggested making sure players check their Windows and game audio settings to set to their correct environment set up. They will also be making improvements to material sounds where wrong objects were tagged with the incorrect sound data making sound either play wrong or be hard to hear when players should be able to hear said sound, this is being adjusted with Season 2 to correct a lot of material being incorrectly tagged.

UI/UX changes will be coming with Season 2 that should help the in-game flow better. This will make it easier for navigation between menus or allowing players to access weapon unlocks and social menus easier and faster. Weapon balancing as well is coming and more details will be provided in the patch notes.

As noted last week by Activision, Hardcore and 1v1 Gulag will be making a return with lots of changes being made to the pacing of Warzone by encouraging more looting of cash, reducing rewards on contracts and providing more cash to players winning their gulag to allow them to get back into the fight faster. Modern Warfare II will be the addition of Rank play with more details coming later but have been working with the Call of Duty League, Tryarch and Infinity Ward to bring this to players.

Expect more news and patch notes prior or at launch on February 15th.