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All New P90 Machine Pistol to Fortnite

With Season 4 of Fortnite in full effect, people are eager to find out info on the seasons’ upcoming new weapons and items. In season 3 Epic games released patch notes outlining some new weapons that never actually came out. These weapons include the Tactical Assault Rifle, Exploding Crossbows, and of course The FN P90. Out of all of these weapons, the FN P90 definitely stands out the most. Assault rifles are in abundance at this point and there's no need for any more, and the normal crossbow was such a flop that I doubt Epic Games will be quick to dish out another attempt to make that weapon work. The P90 however, could be just what this game needs.


Think about it, right now in every Fortnite match the ideal loadout is a shotgun, an assault rifle, and some shield and healing items that’s it. Every other gun is either for a flashy kill or picked up outta pure desperation to kill that jerk that landed right next to you. Fortnite is due for a change that will break the meta from shotguns and assault rifles being everyone’s primary weapon. The P90 could prove to be a game changer for close to mid-range firefights adding more diversity to the type of battles you typically see in a Fortnite match. Ideally, this new P90 would have a fast fire rate while still packing more of a punch than the current tactical and suppressed submachine guns. Currently most pistols and submachine guns only do about 16 to 20 damage which early in the game, when people haven't picked up shields yet, can be quite useful, but as the match goes on it's almost impossible to run up on somebody with a pistol or submachine gun and expect to end up on top.


This is probably Fortnite biggest issues so far. The number of viable weapons you can use in the game are surprisingly little considering just how many weapons are in the game. In a game with 10 different gun types its a shame that only the shotgun, assault rifle, and snipers (if your aim is on point) are worth picking up. Hopefully, the FN P90 will be the first of many weapons that change this.