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Battlefront 2: New Content Announced

Star Wars Battlefront II may not be receiving the backlash its film counterparts are, but it is having a few issues of its own. Battlefront struggled early on as frustrated fans criticized the game for its pay-to-win model and updated being postponed over and over again. However, fans can rest easy as EA released a outline for new content release dates, and new content will begin releasing soon.


Back in June, EA released a roadmap of content coming to Star Wars Battlefront II after upsetting fans with delayed updates and a few other issues. Having burned through the first roadmap, the gaming company announced the new content coming during the fall season, breaking it down by the months.


September will be all about the squad. A new squad system will be released in Sept., allowing players to spawn on squad members. EA sports intends for the update to encourage team play as well as improve players ability to stick together as a team. The update will first be released to Galactic Assault, Blast and Strike modes.


Along with the updated squad systems, September will introduce the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Crops and 104th Wolfpack Battalion as well as additional clone troopers Appearances to the Galactic Republic Ranks. The 212th Attack Battalion will join the line-up in November.


October and November may hold more excitement for gamers as the first of the heroes start to hit the market for Star Wars Battlefront II. General Grievous will make the first debut in October and as expected will be a part of the dark side. However, come November, the droid general will receive some enemies as Jedi Master Obi-Wan hits the ground running. The two release just in time to test out the new Galactic Assault map, Genosis. The map is one of the biggest locations during the Clone Wars and will cater to much of the conflict during the rise of the rebellion. Genosis will bring three new vehicles for players to utilize in battle: the STAP, the BARC speeder and AT-TE.


The Winter releases still don’t have exact month break downs but still have much to look forward to including Count Dooku joining the Heroes line-up, Coruscant Guards as trooper appearances and a new sandbox mode. Along with Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and the 501st Legion clone trooper Appearances will be released later on. The four heroes above will also receive additional Appearances by the end of the month as well.