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Black Ops 4 Beta: A Mixed Bag

Everyone expects Beta’s to be rough, but Call of Duty: Black Op’s 4 may have taken the cake this time. Black Ops 4 beta opened on Aug. 6 to PS4 while Xbox One and PC received it on Aug. 10, and it’s been a rough release to say the least.The latest COD installment didn’t receive as warm of a welcome as expected. It’s normal for any sequel or newest installment of a beloved franchise to receive some negative feedback. However, Black Ops 4 has garnered more than expected over the last week.


The game has fallen short amongst its crowd as the graphics and gameplay lacked behind the previous installments and stripping the game back to the basics. The overall consensus has been that the game feels unconnected and a mess compared to previous installments. Some of the adaptions present a frustrating feel to the newest installment as it returns to a more intense version of its predecessors.Players will no longer be able to automatically heal, relying on a button to initiate healing, yet it continues to need a specific piece of gear to do that as well. Players have been dropped down to 150 players health and specialist have been refined. Most notably is the lack of single player gaming in the newest Black Ops.


While no one has counted the game completely done for yet, many has stated it to be a mess in its current state, calling it “the roughest beta for a Call of Duty to date.” Issues appear to expand across different facets of the game including balance issues with gear, spawning and gunplay issues. Some major complaints revolve around the gunplay. The time to kill (TTK) seems to be inconsistent and long. Taking a number of extra seconds to kill opponents, the gunplay is costing players valuable time to perform the take down and get out. Enemies have gained time to come in and assist their teammate in getting away as reports have stated that taking two players out now is nearly impossible.


While the list of problems continues, developers are working on making the improvements they need going forward with the game. Players have put their opinions and feedback out there and will be able to see how it changes the final game. Another beta will drop in September, focusing on Blackout, the battle royal mode for Black Ops 4. Hopefully, it’ll receive better feedback than its multiplayer mode.