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Black Ops 4 : Boots on the Ground


With the Black Ops 4 Beta people are getting fresh insights as to the direction Treyarch intends to take the 4th rendition of the series. With the previously Titanfall-esque gameplay of Black Ops 3 being left behind in pursuit of a more traditional, boots on the ground style gameplay. The olden (or should I say Futuristic) days of jetpack jumping and tricky wall runs while shooting have not been carried forward with the new game in the series, the satisfying slides that we all know and love however will remain. Treyarch, as well as the FPS industry in general has learned a great deal into how dangerous it is to venture into the Z-axis. With Advanced warfare leaving the community with awkward thumbs, Treyarch was determined with Black Ops 3 to make the fast paced multi-axis gameplay feel more flushed out.


Black Ops 3 had fine tuned all the issues that came with the sporadic jumpy nature of Advanced Warfare, and had made it feel more flushed out and intuitive. The fluid nature of Black Ops 4 has returned without the often confusing and cumbersome aiming while wall riding. A new feature however will be taking over the satisfying nature of tapping those thrusters. The new health system will not only leave players with more health and longer time to kills, it will also act as a key replacement towards giving players something to press during combat. This will allow the players to have ample and intelligent decisions to make on the fly, from this Black Ops 4 has maintained the smooth decisive nature of the game.


Black Ops 4 definitely has strayed away from the simple traditional arcade shooters the Modern Warfare series has brought, however still maintaining the integrity of the genre, boots on the ground gameplay will still feel satisfying however, team compositions and abilities will mold the game into both realms of mechanics and game knowledge. This offers different types of players options to enjoy the gameplay aside from classic thumb-play. The dynamic of this game has allowed for a fluid gameplay that is oddly reminiscent of Overwatch teamplay. In the opinions of many new players, the new heal mechanics, as well as removal of jump thrusters and wall rides, are features that are much needed improvements to push the game through the coming year. The community can only sit back and wait to see how the final version of the game takes the franchise.