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checkTop No Shows at E3 2018

E3 2018 promised a lot, delivered much but also managed to disappoint us because there were so many more games that we expected to see but didn’t. These missing games will set stone for the exciting surprises and reveals over the course of the year, particularly for next year’s E3.

Let’s go over some of the games that we hoped would feature on E3 2018.

Borderlands 3

The development of Borderlands 3 was confirmed a very long time ago, and the developers even tweeted about it in cryptic messages, preferring to mask any mentioning of the game under the discussion of magic and philosophy. Perhaps this was a strategic decision on their end, or maybe they are waiting for Id and Avalanche’s similar post apocalyptic offering to have its light of day before revealing Borderlands 3.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has already announced that they would be releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 in October 2018, and even though it was one of the most highly anticipated games, it didn’t feature on E3. It is obvious given Rockstar’s previous sales track record that almost all their major releases sell themselves. They don’t need E3 to at all. Word of mouth for them is enough. Of course it would have been nice to see a few glimpses of the game at E3, we can expect the next one to come directly from Rockstar without any third party telling them how to do it.

Fable 4

Rumors were around and there was a lot of ‘evidence’ that the UK based studio Playground Games would be giving us a new Fable title. Given how Sony and Microsoft boast about their exclusive titles to gamers, we were expecting Microsoft to finally even the odds against Sony by bringing Fable 4 to the table. But while they did announce 5 brand new in-house studios, the Fable project was nowhere near in sight.

The Avengers

Arguably the highest profile of all games that did not appear at E3 2018. This doesn’t make any sense from a sales point of view at all given that the hype train is still going strong after Avengers: Infinity War. But truth be told, Square Enix should be given enough time to do justice to the title, after all we don’t want to see a botched up game. There is a large cast of characters, each of which would need their own exclusive screen timing on the game, at this stage Square Enix haven’t even decided which direction to go with the game. Perhaps we will see the Avengers next year. 

Resident Evil 8

Capcom teased gamers by placing an Xbox One “Action Adventure’ title as an E3 game. Many people believed that Microsoft managed to rope Capcom into making Resident Evil an exclusive title. The truth however, is that the game turned out be Devil may Cry 5, which of course is equally as exciting. For fans of the older narrative, the series is returning back to the old Dante and Nero. In the meantime, we can treat Resident Evil 2’s remake as a preview of what the next main entry may offer.