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Far Cry 5 Reveals New Zombie Themed DLC

There’s no doubt about it Far Cry 5 was a huge success for developer Ubisoft breaking a Franchise record for unit sales in its first week. Even critically Far Cry 5 was praised for its gameplay and storytelling and now fans are ready for more.  Back in February Ubisoft announced the Season Pass DLC for Far Cry 5 which would include, Dead Living Zombies, Hours of Darkness, and Lost on Mars. Now the final Zombie themed DLC is next on the horizon.

Dead Living Zombies will have players living out the fantasies of fictional director Guy Marvel (a rip-off of insert D-list director here.) Essentially Guy Marvel has several “genius” ideas for what he believes will be the next greatest Zombie film and you the lucky player will have the fun of playing them in the form of levels. There are said to be seven levels total and if you beat each map you will then unlock a score attack mode. In addition, if you get a 3-star rating or better you will get weapons and gear that you can use in the main story mode as well.  If you’re buying the DLC solo, it will only set you back $7 whereas a season pass with all 3 DLCS costs $30

In the past Far Cry has struggled heavily with creating DLC experiences that A. last more than an hour or two, and B. have any replay value whatsoever. Hours of Darkness was a perfect example of solid gameplay but not much content and Lost on Mars while silly was fun for about 30 minutes and then quickly got old. Hopefully, a zombie mode with seven different maps can prove to be a perfect solution to both solid gameplay and replay value that players will want to go back and enjoy again and again. Fingers crossed for Far Cry 5 going at least one for three on their DLC.