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Fortnite's Shop is Leaked

Leaked maps are pretty nice, but its way more exciting when the shop is leaked. A few data miners have discovered 3D models for outfits and cosmetics and been uploaded to Skin-Tracker, a popular database that tracks the game’s cosmetic items.


According to Skin-Tracker, the next shop update will include everything from skins to gliders to emotes. Some of the skins will feature a classic, stone cold Sleuth with the beloved fedora and trench coat combo as well as a mechanical suit called Oblivion. It even seems the release will feature a pair of red, white and blue outfits just in time for July 4.


According to dexerto, the list also includes, “Gumshoe, Fireworks Team Leader, Star-Spangled Trooper, Star-Spangled Ranged, Noir, Criterion, and Vertex outfits, along with the Terminus, Viceroy Mark, and Forerunner gliders, and the Crested Cape, Destabilizer, Stabilizer, Blasting Cap, Confidential Case, Cluefinder, and Evidence Bag back-blings.”


But not all the models have been revealed either. It seems the Razor Edge, Victory Lap and Magnifying Ave pickaxes have yet to be found, but that should just encourage data miners to keep digging. They’ll find it soon enough.


Despite the images being released, there is no confirmation on when the items will be released, but the Fortnite community expects them to be released within the coming weeks.


In other Fortnite news, it is believed that the ‘Red Knight’ skin will be coming back to Battle Royale. The skin was removed from the Fortnite store back in mid-February. Many fans believed it to be a seasonal item, but Epic Games came back to confirm it could possibly return. The suits return is largely believed to be returning after data miners found a pickaxe entitled ‘Pickaxe-Flintlock-RedKnight,’ but no confirmation has been released in regards to the Red Knight skin.