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Fortnite on Android

After establishing its throne for the most-played video game on worldwide, Fortnite is going to try its luck with Android! It had already made its way on the iOS and had millions try to win the legendary victory royale.

Now we will see Android users compete in this Battle Royale deathmatch. Fortnite is set to launch on Android in late August. It will be the game will be the full version of the game with all the maps and weapons that were seen on all other platforms. The user interface, however, will naturally be different.

The controls of the game will be adapted in order to cater to the touchscreen features of phones and tablets. Some actions will get automated, such as picking up weapons or opening doors, to increase the ease of use for players. There are some extra building buttons too like footstep indicators or gunshots on-screen in order to promptly tell you directions of enemies.

While these seem like complex changes for people who have played this game on other platforms – the goal of these changes is to allow players to seamlessly play on different platforms. The rest of the game is quite similar to the original version. What is still not know is the release date. This has yet to be announced, but the developers have released a statement that they are targeting the release for  this summer.

Some sources have revealed that August 24th is the release date and will exclusively be available on all devices right after this. Other sources have contradicted this stating complex devices like tablets will have to wait longer for the release, possibly till September 23rd.

With respect to device compatibility, Epic Games hasn’t revealed much. The source which leaked the release date  also said that there is a list of 40 devices of Android which should be compatible. The list, however, doesn’t feature some new phones which points to the fact that it may be incomplete. The list also doesn’t mention any form of Android tablets.

This game will not be featured on Play Store like all other android games. The developers have hinted at the fact that Fortnite’s source code will have to be downloaded using the phone’s browser – which seems like it could lead to more issues. There will probably be a manual which leads people through the necessary steps on downloading the game.

Epic will definitely lose out on a number of gamers due to this decision but  with there player base being so huge may not care all that much. It also makes sense as Fortnite will not have the ability to earn from in-app purchases as a percentage will have to be dealt with Play Store. This may or may not be the case, as Apple already reaps 30% of in-app purchases. We will just have to stay tuned to find out more!