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Fueling the Brains of eSports

Nootropics, less formally known as cognitive enhancement supplements, aim to increase one's base line aptitude for various cognitive benchmarks. These substances can increase memory, focus, critical thinking and much much more. Proprietors of these supplements have taken the opportunity to develop and merge two up and coming industries. Companies such as Gfuel, Rogue Energy, Mod and others have developed proprietary blends aimed into increasing the performance of both the average and professional player. G Fuel, the leading supplement company within the gaming industry, provides a pre-workout type powdered drink product, with numerous flavors tailored specifically for the gaming community. With high promises being elicited from these companies, the consumer, professional and non professional must ask one simple question : Do they work.


From a consumer perspective, a contrast must be made between the competition and the gaming supplements themselves. Energy drinks here are the clear comparative element to cross compare, many of them overloaded with energy compounds (caffeine, b-vitamins, sugar etc.). Although many people may attest to the energy jolts they get when they down their favorite carbonated (or non carbonated) energy drink, many more can attest to the nutritional inadequacy of these products, as well as the massive crash that occurs hours after consumption. Comparatively, gaming nootropics like Gfuel use not only modified versions of energy complexes but focus complexes as well that are sustainable methods for the flow state we all know and love when we are immersed within our favorite game. In addition to this, they do not offer offensive amounts of sugar so these new age gaming supplements don't have the crash that is renewed within the energy drink industry.


What does the future hold for the blend between the supplement industry and the gaming industry, both incredibly new industries, both showing promise of their cooperation together. Esports teams everywhere are gaining sponsorships from these companies to put their team members on their A game, fueling the brains of our most talented esports members. Future nootropics are being blended to optimize the brains of gamers everywhere in hopes to revolutionize the way in which we view not only competitive gaming, but general consumer gaming as well. Is this the age in which we see a final cheer to our favorite sugary energy drinks as fuel, as we adopt specialty nootropic powders and more sustainable vectors for keeping our minds sharp and our MMR’s high.