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GoldenEye 007 Release Date Confirmed

After being stuck on the Nintendo 64 for over 25 years it’s now been confirmed that the release is just a few days away. Releasing now on Xbox One and Series X/S on the 27th, it’s now available on the Nintendo Switch. The game is a part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion for players to download and play for free. This version will also include online play against other Switch members. The Xbox version will include enhanced features such as 4K and achievements. The Xbox version will be free to all members that own the Rare Replay digitally or has Xbox Game Pass. The Xbox version will not include online play like the Switch version does which players have speculated is a part of how Microsoft was able to get this agreement for the game to even go through.

This game has been stuck in the past due to many license agreements and holders. Microsoft owns Rare as of the Mid 2000’s and Nintendo owns the rights to the Goldeneye as well as many holders of just the James Bond title alone has made this a very complicated release for many years. There was a remake that was inspired by the Danial Craig's version that was released and for years a 360 HD remake of the classic in the same essent of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary where players could switch back and forth between classic and new graphics. With all the licensing issues and agreement issues between all the companies left this game in limbo for years to the point where it was canceled but recently had been leaked for players to see just how much of the game was completed before being shut down. To finally see this title release after so many years will bring back a lot of the old classic couch co-op that started a lot of gamers' shooter competitiveness. Just remember, if you use Oddjob, you were never invited back to play and hated by many of your friends from that day on.