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Hungering Deep, a Pirates Life Vest
The Hungering Deep New Sea of Thieves DLC Releases May 29th 
      So far, Sea of Thieves has proven itself as a solid multiplayer game that many have found both addictive and enjoyable. Joining up with 3 of your friends and sailing the seven seas have proven to be quality entertainment finding itself very frequently on the top of the watchlist.  However, the general consensus seems to be that the game although great, lacks many long-term goals and incentives causing a bit of a recent fall off for the game in terms of popularity and viewership. Hopefully, players can rejoice as Sea of Thieves has announced their first DLC “The Hungering Deep” which will release on May 29th for both Xbox One and PC.  
      This “medium-sized update” will feature a new encounter where pirate crews will come across a megalodon or something very similar that will likely take more than just a crew of 4 in order to take down. Unlike the Kraken encounter, players will have to band together with more than just their own crew in order to take down this massive new enemy with hopefully some really cool rewards as a result. This new DLC certainly gives players something to get amped up about and it's only the first of 3 new DLC Rare has in store. Both “Cursed Sails” and “Forsaken Shores” are due to arrive in the summer and are reportedly supposed to be significantly larger in terms of content including new enemies, a new ship type, and a whole new area of the map to explore. 
      This is a good first step for Sea of Thieves who looking forward, should be doing everything in their power to create new and fun incentives for players to keep their attention.  This is always the toughest battle MMORPG developers face. How do we keep our players attention? How do we keep them coming back? Hopefully, this upcoming DLC and the others down the line will be the answers to their prayers

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