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Leak reveals Alcatraz coming to Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone has maintained its initial map, Verdansk, since its release.

Verdansk has seen a handful of changes, such as the Stadium opening and the implementation fo a transit system, but the map itself has become the main stay of Warzone.

Integration is set to happen with Black Ops Cold War as Season 1 arrives on December 10, 2020. Players from Cold War and Modern Warfare will be able to hash things out in the battle royale, with Operators and weapons from both games available.

The news of Black Ops Cold War left many Call of Duty fans wondering what exactly would happen with Warzone. It seems that question can be answered to an extent.

First revealed by @BlackOpsLeaks, Alcatraz may be returning to its battle royale roots. The map was first used as the Blackout BR map in Black Ops 4. Rebirth Island is a loosely based replica of Alcatraz that was featured in the very first Black Ops game.


Image via Treyarch


This information is just one of many leaks that have come out on the road to Black Ops Cold War Season 1. It makes sense that a new Warzone map will arrive at some point.

More questions than answers are being raised by this leak, though.

Will this new map completely replace Verdansk? Will it be its own mode? Will the maps rotate?

Warzone does not appear to be getting a Season 7, therefore things will start over with the upcoming Black Ops Cold War Season 1. Hopefully Treyarch has the answers to those questions here very soon.


Dec, 12 2020 10:40 pm EST