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Madden 19 Focus on Improving Graphics

Developers of sports games are often faced with one gigantic question, a question that presents itself year after year. When you have to make a new game every year, what can you do to convince players that this particular game is worth paying full price for aside from a slight roster update? In an attempt to answer this question, Madden perhaps more than any other sports game has introduced a variety of gameplay tweaks over the years from the infamous truck stick to QB vision, and countless other gimmicks. Madden has tried any and everything to try and make each new game worth tossing aside the old one. With Madden 19 just around the corner, many are asking just what does EA have up their sleeves this year? The answer ladies and gentlemen, is sweaty men in high definition.

That’s right EA’s big reveal for their upcoming Madden title is that developers will be working around the clock to make sure players look ultra-realistic by improving the way the in-game athletes sweat. Yes on paper it sounds ridiculous and to be completely honest it’s probably the last thing fans of the series were concerned about but it also does make sense. Enhanced perspiration graphics is something NBA 2k has been working on for quite some time and it does make the game feel more realistic. Still, the general consensus is that Madden games have been taking a bit of a dive as of late and better sweat graphics are probably not going to be the thing to get EA out of a rut. That being said EA has made a statement saying, “We added new player models to Madden 19 that get us closer than we have ever been to the actual representation of the players currently on the field this year in the NFL.” If this turns out to be true that will certainly be something fans can be happy about.

Last year Madden switched over to the Frostbite Engine and now looks better than it ever had before and if what EA says is true it is shaping up to look even better. It’s great that EA is doing everything in their power to keep up with competitor 2k studios as far as graphics go. However, if they really want to see a successful launch they better have something up their sleeves to improve the gameplay as well.