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Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4

Are your spider senses tingling? Insomniac has brought this action-packed game forward again for a huge fan base. Not only is the origin story of this superhero rehashed, but so are his powers! You will find yourself driving both, the web-slinging superhuman and his alter ego- Peter Parker in this game. The official release date of this game is on September 7th and will exclusively be for PS4.

In the E3 of 2018, fans saw a ton of new offerings of this franchise. The gameplay showed us that the navigation and combat controls were so fluid and diverse that they have never been seen before. You can top these new offering off by pre-ordering this game. Let’s swing on by the details of these offerings.

You are in for a little extra range of goodies if you pre-order this game; as was revealed by the developers of this game. The following is a list of everything that may be a limited time offer:

  • Skill points: These are required in the game in order to unlock some abilities. If you preorder the game, you will be able to get a head start on achieving finishing moves, web grabs, and fast swinging abilities.

  • Suit Packs: There is a range of three suits that have never been seen before in previous versions. These suits include the Spider-Punk (featured with a Mohawk), the Velocity Suit and the Iron Spider (A gift from Tony Stark).

  • Spider Drone Early Unlock: This mobile drone is used in the game to distract opponents and unleash a whole lot of web on them. Without the pre-order, this will only be available quite later in the game.

  • PS4 Custom Themes: You will be able to add some Spidey artwork onto your PS4. This artwork will be from the works of Adi Granov – the legendary comic book artist.

  • The PSN Spider-Man Avatar: You can use this avatar as your PSN profile and it includes the bold white spider icon we all love.

The game will be divided into a different version for people who want something extra from the gaming experience. Alongside the standard edition which is for $60, there will be a Digital Deluxe Edition, a Collector’s Edition and a PS4 Pro 1 TB Limited Edition.

The deluxe edition of the game will feature 3 chapters of the story which will not be available in the standard edition. These stories will include some unseen characters and mission and will be sold for $80. The collector’s edition will have art books, stickers, a steel book, a collector’s edition Spidey statue and the three extra missions of the game.

Lastly, the limited edition of the game comes along with a whole PS4 Pro, with a 1 TB RAM and is designed with the classic red and white artwork of Spider-Man. It also has the Dual Shock 4 Controller with a matching design. All of this will be sold for $400. With your spider senses extinguished, you will just have to swing by and pre-order the game to book all these amazing experiences.