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Money where his mouth is 10k by KEEMstar

              The game that keeps on building just got another solid addition to its (already strong) foundation of streaming personalities and fresh content. One of the only facets that had yet to flesh out for Fortnite was an eSports presence, format, and consistent sponsorship (for prize-pool purposes). But Epic games might’ve just found the support it needed. Mr. Drama Alert himself, YouTube personality Daniel “KEEMstar” Keem totes glory, bragging rights, and $10,000 cash that all await the winner of this week’s 32 player face-off. Tyler “Ninja” Belvins, TimtheTatman, Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, and the TSM competitive team (noticeably missing “Myth” because of his attending EDC) are all slated to participate. This is the second tournament that KEEM is sponsoring, as last week he threw the same event, that prize money totaling $5,000 for the winners, Sypher PK and 100T NickMercs (both are expected to seek to defend their title this week).

            Perhaps more important than the tournament itself is the attention it is garnering. Fortnite being the game that it is, the last thing people think it needs is more attention. But, if the game wants to maintain the dominance that it has claimed for itself, adding a standardized eSports format is exactly what it needs. Overwatch, Call of Duty, Smash, any game you can think of that has, or will, last in the hearts and minds of their core gamer base for the next few years has some sort of competitive scene established. Fortnite has been the one exception for as long as it has been around, but with the support of  major YouTube personalities like KEEM, Logan Paul (who is also participating), Nadeshot, and UMG (the tourney-hosting website behind this whole thing) something perhaps even resembling CoD’s “World League” could potentially be set up, with major events like the Las Vegas Ninja Tournament  taking place where anyone can come out and show why they deserve to play against the best in the world for major cash and glory. Maybe it’s time to start perfecting your double pump shot?

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