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Nickmercs Fortnite World Record Beaten!

Since late December 2017, Nickmercs held the record for the most kills in a squad match at 54 kills. Just a few weeks later, he achieved 55 kills beating his own record. Since then, there has been many attempts to beat that record with many users failing to achieve even half that score. On the night of April 17th, 2018, that record has finally been broken. JuicyMutt, MannyinCali, TozSlays and xPolitics broke it by 4 kills, making the new record now held at 59.


NICKMERCS--, xAmpz Media, CODezmond and NioiLy obtaining 54 kills.

NICKMERCS--, xAmpzMedia, CODezmond and NioiLy achieving the previous world record of 55 kills.


Before beating the record, these four players had been playing just hours before, getting 40 plus kill in their tournament matches. Little did they know, that night was going to be a moment none of them would forget.

When the match started, they split up into teams of two, covering two heavy locations, one team hit Tilted Towers, while the other dropped Salty Springs. This allowed them to get as many kills at the start and focus on cleanup for the players hiding along the outer side of the map. As the storm started to close in on them, each team then worked their way towards each other, clearing off groups of players in their path. As they worked their way to the final storm circle, they were down a player, but this did not stop them. As a team of three they kept pushing, building towers high above the other players, giving them the upper hand. The players left were dropping, and with each kill they were getting closer to that world record. It was down to six players left and they were at 53 kills total. Working together as a team, they cleared out a team of two, making the count 55 kills, tying the world record. A tie was not what they were looking for, they were looking to be on top.

Only one squad was left between them and the world record. Both teams building large towers, protecting themselves from each other, shots being fired back and forth, both teams playing smart. Communication was crucial if they were to win, calling out the players locations, it was going to be close. Then it happened, the storm started to close in on their side of the field, this was their chance, they knew they had the advantage. This forced the opposing team out of hiding, and one by one they eliminated the other team until they were last team standing for the Victory Royale win, making the grand total of 59 kills. They had just set the world record for the most kills in a Squad Match for Fortnite.


You can watch the video on YouTube and see the record beaten for yourself.


As of writing this article, they have not stopped, they plan on trying to beat their own record and see just how far they can push it. These four started the day with one thing on their mind, and they achieved it, reaching a level that is unreached by most players. How long will it be till this record is beaten again? Who knows! What we do know, is they do not plan to let anyone take it and will keep pushing to beat their current world record.


With the community of Fortnite growing, there will be other records beaten by players who step up and try to claim the throne. Fortnite became an overnight hit and has brought such crazy moments like these and users continue to just show how creative they can get with different challenges and records to beat. Who will take over this next, will it be you?


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