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Nvidia Announce New RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti

I hate to break it to you PC gamers, but that fancy new rig you just built you might want to throw it in the trash because Nvidia just announced a new graphics card that makes the RTX 1080 Ti look like garbage. Just when you think Nvidia can just rest easy as the clear king of Graphics cards they go and one up themselves just to rub it in. Nvidia came out swinging at Gamescon 2018 in Colonge Germany, announcing a new GPU series that promises 6 times better performance than the previous 1080 TI and they did it the day before the convention even started.

These graphics cards are ushering in a whole new era starting with a new name change. Now being referred to as RTX from GTX, The RTX name references the real-time ray tracing feature which is a rending and lighting technique that will allow for photorealistic graphics which according to gaming developers will be the new norm very soon.  To give you some perspective here, ray tracing is a common practice for things like visual effects in feature films and up until now was considered too “computationally intensive” for gaming. As you can imagine this is a huge step forward for gaming graphics and in short, playing Fortnite is about to look a whole lot better in the coming months. Still, an upgrade this big means it is not going to be cheap. The founder’s edition versions are going to set you back $600 for the RTX 2070, $800 for the RTX 2080, and a whopping $1200 for the 2080 TI. Don’t worry the standard versions are slightly more affordable with the costs being $500 for the 2070, $700 for the 2080, and $1000 for the 2080 TI.

PC gaming new can be such a double edge sword at times considering the fact that up until today we all thought a 1080TI was as good as it gets and now it will be practically obsolete or the new bare minimum in a year or two. However, on the bright side, this news means we will have incredibly impressive new graphics for video games in the very new future and you can’t help but be excited about that.