RECENT UPDATES Jan 1st - 5th

Posted: Jan 9th | 6:22 AM EST | By: Beelow

Wager issues: We have fixed a few issues with matches being randomly cancelled and broken match detail pages.

Wager limit: Max wager limit is now set to $100 per member. The limit can be increased if the user is reputable and has a good standing with CMG.

Best of 5: Members can now play best of 5 Ladder and Wager matches.

Host: The team with the best rank on the leaderboard is guaranteed host in a 1Nd. The best ranked team will host 1st map in a best of 3 and 1st and 3rd map in a best of 5.

Left menu: We have cleaned up the menu making it easier to navigate. The PS4 & XB1 tabs have been switched as many of our players are PS4.


Closing Remarks: This week’s focus was mainly wagers as the total number of matches played has continued to grow each day. We appreciate all the support, and will be releasing our wager playoff schedule very soon. This means the top 32 teams for each WAGER ladder will be advanced to compete in a playoff tournament on x date for x amount. If you experience any issues, please let us know so our developers can get it fixed as soon as possible.


For any further information, comments, or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at or visit us on twitter at @CMG_eSports

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