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Resident Evil 2 Remake: What We Know

The Resident Evil franchise has gone through so many phases that it can be hard to remember that it had its humble beginnings as a slow-paced survival horror game with infuriatingly hard puzzles. However, it seems like Capcom is looking to remind you of the glory days after debuting a trailer for a Resident Evil 2 remake a few months back at E3. With all the hype and questions surrounding this remake, it’s time to see what we know so far.


First things first, this new game will be a ground-up remake, so all the people confused about why Capcom is even remaking the game after already doing so in 2002 there’s your answer. While trying to remain true to the original game as much as possible, this new game is going to have some major differences mainly the fact that it will be played in a dynamic over the shoulder third person view rather than the old fixed camera setup. While some people may be nostalgic for the old clunky camera controls of the original game, this change will make a huge difference to the overall experience. For one, aiming will be significantly better and easier. In the old games, aiming was certainly not a strong point as you could only really hit things that were right in front of you. The first game got away with it because the enemies weren’t all that complex aside from the boss battles. The second game, however, started to introduce wilder and faster enemies with the same hard to use aiming system and the results we infuriating, to say the least. Another reason the over the shoulder view makes sense is because quite frankly it’s going to be a hell of a lot scarier. The original games definitely had their scares, especially if you hate spiders, but a lot of fear was alleviated based on the fact that as soon as you walked in a room the fixed camera allowed you to see pretty much everything in the room already. With the over the shoulder view, there’s a much higher chance of things sneaking up on you not to mention a zombie being up close and personal with you is going to be a lot more horrifying.


As for the content and story of the game, we don’t have much to go on besides the fact that the game will take place in the original location and you are still playing as the rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student, Claire Redfield. So far, the game is shaping out to be a much more suitable version of the old game. You will still be running around looking for keys, managing resources, and solving puzzles, but now you will be doing it with better aim mechanics, no loading screens, and some impeccable graphics. This game might end up being a dream come true...or the best kind of nightmare.