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Sea of Thieves: Forsaken Shores Update

Sea of Thieves’ is about to receive some major content updates, according to game developer Rare, calling it Forsaken Shores. The update will be released to Xbox One and PC on Sept. 19.


The update will add a perilous new biome known as Devil’s Roar, a deadly stretch of ocean where only the brave of heart dare to venture. Those brave enough to explore the depths of these seas will find islands riddled with danger including several volcanoes, making the area an ever going risk of volcanic activities. Along with the volcanoes, the islands host caves, falling rocks, geysers and a heated ocean. Escape the dangers utilizing several small rowboats randomly placed around the island. Inside Xbox released some new live-streamed footage of Devil’s Roar region.


The update will introduce a new Merchant Alliance quest titled Cargo Runs. The new quest will require you to transport items from outposts to specified locations. The quest isn’t as easy as it sounds like. The cargo will be fragile and tough to deliver on the rough seas such as bottles of rum  that might break or expensive cloth that mustn’t get wet. Aside from the delicacy of the cargo, the seas are a dangerous place as pirates attempt to steal your goods and thwart your journey.


Along with the update, Rare announced it will be hosting a limited-time Bilge Rat Adventure, Cursed Crews in Sea of Thieves upon the conclusion of the Cursed Sails campaign. The big adventure, Cursed Crews, will allow players to finally get hold of skeleton fleets’ cursed cannonballs which will block ship’s supply barrels and cause nearby pirates to dance as well as upgrade the inventory system.


Additional updates coming are a new Reaper’s Mark flag. The latest flag will show each player’s ship position on everyone’s map, making it easier to signal other ships and create alliances — in theory. However, be wary that the update may attract unwanted attention and allow pirates looking for plunder to find you more easily.


Rare is planning to release three more updates over the next year to PC and Xbox One.